Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Learning Center

This is the lack of LearnSmart stages all around learning center it's really an all-in-one learning toy that encourages development as well as cognitive and sensory play.

As you can see right here in our first learning panel there are lots of ways to play and with smart stages to content gross baby.

In level 1 for example you might hear green triangle but in level 2 there's more prompt to play we can interact with puppies let's press this little light up nose you burn look can we find his tummy up things right there there right I did or we can tell her a little music note on his hand to hear some music there's also classic drop group play and you might see these little lights appear a little piano.

With sitting baby crawling as they stand up to pull up and they start cruising around then we might move over to our next morning we've got a little window we can open peekaboo and also we can personalize our Learning Center with our cute little photo frame there slip in a personal picture maybe a picture of gramma Grampa.

Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Learning Center

Baby sees those familiar faces as they play maybe crawls to the arch there's a break the beam feature.

That will activate content as they go but there are more sides of play we've got this awesome actual giant cactus elements over here little mirrors that they can see ridges on the top and then over here with puppies home lots of ways to interact another way to personalize which tests really well you can actually hold down this button right there Gordon ethics have to be.

When you record your message and is maybe plays that message will play back to them as they are interacting with puppies room so. This is right for all you know different age kids for siblings for playdates all-in-one crawl around learning center.

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