Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table from Fisher-Price

Hi everyone. This is Maria with time to play mad calm here we have the Laugh & Learn puppy and Friends Learning table from fisher-price. This is a one-stop shop learning table with 4 modes of play music learning time play and Spanish selections there is no shortage of activities the laptop opens and closes and it lights up when you push the buttons piano keys offer music as well as color recognition the book lets your baby turn the page as it weeps you yeah and the telephone lets you dial the numbers the handset is also a rattle there's also a little sliding Mouse who says up and down and high and low and the spinning rattle triggers songs and sounds in Spanish learning mode babies are reminded of the English alphabet or word or description followed by the Spanish words for it the songs are also sung in Spanish. This is a great bilingual learning tool that sets your baby up learning and recognizing a new language from the very early stages which are the most vital gears for learning the legs of this table do come off.

You can place the activity pad on the floor for your baby who is not yet standing the fisher-price laughs and learn puppy and friends learning table has over 60 songs and learning activities and introduces your baby to letters numbers colors counting Spanish language music and.

Much more toys like these encourage fine motor skills and enhance gross motor skills cause and effect and sensory play the bright colors and images are entertaining for your young child and the cheery songs just make for a fun playtime The Laugh & Learn puppy and friends learning table requires three double A batteries which are for in-store try-me purposes only we recommend you replace them for best results. This is for ages 6 through 36 months made by fisher-price for more information on this and the best reviews online can find us at time to play mag comm you're number one.

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Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table from Fisher-Price

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