LeapFrog - Learn & Groove Musical Table

[Applause] [Applause] here for almost three minutes that's like a record with this people. Okay, Jordan [Applause] whoa [Applause] let's study together. Okay, it says on the box that it's for 6 to 36 months these tables are really great if you are trying to teach her little ones to walk where you stand on their own over here is a walker and has them for a while Leslie discusses her ABC's I think that's why she likes this boy. All right, we're going to put it together now Jah wallah Aubry is ready you are playing with the ball Circle which one is the circle there's a circle which one is the square. This is the square and. This is the triangle leapfrog with the shape the alphabet and the number and that's how this four of five like that if I press the circle is going to say Circle three yellow right I'll bring us your turn we throw turn the page. This is going to be always and.

Now the board is going to correspond with the stage making everything music related price table out.

That we can compare the two here's the leapfrog fisher-price table is actually what are we learning to stand and walk with she would you know started with pulling herself up on it and eventually got to the point where she was kind of scaled her way around it similar to what we do as a sofa who are you talking to daddies it's been great my only concern is that was tips pretty easily and play with this one one does have a lot of really awesome features on it the thing that they do both have in common is that they do teach Spanish as well as English I did not know this leapfrog did that.

I'm pretty happy with that Oh.

LeapFrog - Learn & Groove Musical Table

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