Learn and Master Sign Language - Deaf Culture: Regional Signs

We've talked in the past about some signs That vary regionally You'll have many different signs for one concept But, we thought it would fun to show you some of the signs that vary depending on where you are different regions have different signs and in different areas you may pick up many different signs People travel from all over and they bring signs home with them So the signs that are different every year share Sometimes people will go and visit family and they will learn a new sign they think is interesting, and they will incorporate it into their every day use Signs may vary according to gender or ethnicity or race Maybe due to their location or even generational differences can affect sign variation The sign for birthday for example has a lot of different signs for birthday Here we go... birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday So there are a bunch of different signs for just that one concept, birthday We have some different signs for early...early, early, early, early So there are a bunch of different signs that you will see for that all over the place also Depending on where you are you may have a bunch of different signs for the word, early Some people even sign - early It's just an example of the many different variations The next one I will show you - Sunday Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday That is another example of on that you will see a bunch of different signs for the same word - Sunday Computer is a sign that has really been changing over recent years The old sign is computer And, now it is sort of changing, the concept is changing and people are signing computer depending on where you go and who you meet Some people will sign computer, or computer, or computer, or even computer like it is a texting devise So that is a sign that is currently evolving Here is another one...strawberry Strawberry the fruit has a bunch of different signs for it Most of the fruits stay the same, but strawberry is an odd one. You won't see it over and over again I'm exaggerating a little bit, but here for example...strawberry why because it's like your heart strawberry, strawberry, strawberry There are just a bunch of different signs for strawberry You may see that a bunch of people have different signs for just one concept As people socialize they learn from each other We want you to keep an open mind to that possibility also that there can be many signs for one concept You may meet people and see different signs, but it is just like spoken language Maybe you say turn the light off, or cut the light off in the south Or if you drink soda pop in the northeast, and southwest you just say soda So that is one example of the way spoken language can be different But, it is fund to learn new sign language. I grew up seeing things one way, but as I grew and visited different places I would see new signs all over. It is very interesting.


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