Learn and Master Sign Language - The Signing Space

One concept that we will be emphasizing over this course is the signers use of space. The use of space is a critical feature in ASL. You have to keep in mind it is a 3D, visual language. Therefore, using and manipulating the space around you is one of the ways the language comes to life.

Using space can convey noun-verb relationships, identify nouns and pronouns, refer to individuals who are and are not present, illustrate time sequencing, reflect spatial relationships, express distance between locations, compare and contrast, and so much more. The typical signers space called the signing space is where most of the signing occurs. That space is here.

Finger spelling space is typically in this area. You'll raise your hand, and its marked here. Remember in Lesson 1, we showed you the space to finger spell. I'm just reminding you of that space again so it's right here.

00:01:18,630 --> 00:01:22,619 The horizontal plane is used for showing time, diagramming physical space, and setting up conceptual reference and that space is here. Examples of the horizontal space are giving directions, comparing two things, or establishing nouns and pronouns. These are the signs that you establish directly in front of you all of your pronouns that we will be discussing are located on this plane. Vertical space is used for a map type diagramming and to show hierarchical and power relationships. Both are real and abstract.

The vertical plane is here. Examples of the vertical plane are showing the USA, where you are on the map, or even creating a visual flow chart for the chain of command. So you would have your boss, your supervisors, and your employees. Mind you those are not the signs. It's just the use of space. Okay.

So now that we have a good idea of understanding our signing space, let's move on and talk about pronouns.

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