lego spongebob chocolate with nuts

Hi ma'am okay see you tomorrow here the mills here what'd you get well let's see Gary Gary Gary Gary get a a magazine oh that's funny I'll remember subscribing to fancy living digests Wow look at these glossy depictions of a higher standard of living this guy so rich he has a swimming pool in his swimming pool this guy's got shoes give me that stealing my mail way you two are lucky I'll report you to the authorities hey Squidward how do all the people in that magazine get all that money they're entrepreneurs they sell things to people what kind of things how should I know things people want to buy now keep your claws off my mail that's it Patrick we got to become entrepreneurs is that gonna hurt quick Patrick without thinking if you could have anything in the world right now what would it be um more time for thinking no no no something real an item something you would pay for no chocolate board ah that's it Patrick we will become traveling chocolate bar salesmen fancy livin here we come make way for a couple of entrepenuers all right Patrick this is our first step on the road to live in fancy just follow my lead get ready internet your favorite thing in the whole world is coming right up yes hello sir could we interest you in some chocolate chocolate did you say chocolate your sir with or without nuts chocolate chocolate job and chocolate chocolate ja okay the first guy didn't count this is our real first customer yes hello sir could we interest you in some chocolate chocolate bars Hey yes sir we are chocolate bar salesmen a couple of a mediocre salesmen if you ask me that's no way to carry your merchandise no no no no no no wrong you guys want to be good salesmen right Oh most certainly sir well no self-respecting candy bar salesman would be caught dead without one of these Oh what is it it's a candy bar bagging knucklehead it's supposed to cradle each individual candy bar with velvet line comfort but I am wasting my time yoni these bags we need um so long boys happy hunting suckers fancy women here we come lalalala let's try next door yes huh hey aren't you the same guy who sold us these bags I don't recall but it looks to me like you guys got a lot of bags there you would be way better off with one of my patented candy bar bag carrying bags will 220 Oh what can I do for you two nice young man it's worth it to put myself in the episode so I don't have to do another cringe-worthy female impression we're selling chocolate bars would you like one oh yeah sure that sounds okay one chocolate bar coming up um uh oh not in here no uh-huh where is it good no it's gotta be in here somewhere Oh have time for this uh here it is one chocolate bar for the night chocolate chocolate we're not doing so well Patrick we need a new approach a new tactic hmm I know let's get naked now let's do that from when we're selling real estate there must be something what was the reason we bought those bags he said we were mediocre oh that's it he made us feel special yeah he did I'm going back to buy more bags no wait Patrick why don't we try being nice okay now remember Patrick flatter the customer make him feel good hello I love you I think you'll later on a teensy bit thick there old pal here let me try please go away yeah um how you doing how am i doing would you like to buy some chocolate we've got uh no no sorry chocolate has sugar and sugar turns into bubbling fat isn't that right lover boy he it tickles as you can see me and chocolate no longer hang you can keep that for five bucks okay turn we haven't sold one chocolate bar I have a feeling we're too easily distracted huh from now on let's vow to stay focused whoo let's shake on it did you see something remember Patrick focus yes why should I be here staring at me focusing back up Jack hmm nice place you got here I can't understand what we're doing wrong I can't understand anything Oh what are we not getting about selling other people do it I mean look at that eat barnacle chips they were delicious they are most certainly not delicious not the way I use them yet they sell millions of bags a day well maybe if they didn't stretch the truth they wouldn't sell as many huh that's it Patrick we gotta stretch the truth all right I'll start this one off and then you come in for the kill Luke you yes hello young lady we're selling chocolate is your mother home mom why watch what all the y'all I get you just can't wait for me to die can you do silly chocolate yes solid chocolate you right why they selling chocolate right chocolate I can tell you mr. chocolate ass selling chocolate yeah chocolate I remember when they first invented chocolate sweet sue chocolate I always I today uh this job that's not for eating it's uh you rub it on your skin and it makes you live forever no no no no y-you say I'll take wide come on you lazy Mary stop rubbing me with that chocolate you if we keep exaggerating the truth we'll be fancy living in no time huruf rewarding it'll make your hair grow gray my wife's trying to grow a beard it will make you sound smarter I'll take 20 they'll keep your face from getting any uglier just in time they make you fly you'll fall in love they'll bring world peace you'll walk through walls you'll rule the world yeah this will be the best for you yeah this guy will feel so sorry for us he'll have to buy all of our chocolate what can I do for you boys hey would you like to buy a chocolate bar we need an operation oh really small world what's the matter what you boys uh we've got some head trauma and eternal bleeding uh uh some guys have all the luck I was born with the glass bones and paper skin every morning I break my legs in every afternoon I break my arms at night oh I wake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep oh oh no I say oh ouch look quick let's bring him in okay easy easy oh oh you poor poor man is there anything anything we could do to help you well there is one thing as you can imagine my medical bills are extremely high but luckily I'm able to stay alive by selling chocolate bars such nice boys it does my heart good to con a couple of class-a sucker unni's like those two yeah don't get me wrong Patrick it's great that we helped that guy out but there's no one left in town to sell chocolate bars to whoa no let's face it Patrick we're failures well I can live with that let's change our names to why and bother chocolate no no stay away from us finally I've been trying to catch you two all day now that I got you right where I want you I'd like to buy all your chocolate thank you for your patronage ah are we living the fancy life yet spongebob not yet Patrick first we got to spend all the money what are we gonna spend it on hmm good evening sir table for one please sorry but the whole restaurant has been rented out for a private party uh but it's my only night to be fancy who could have rented out the entire restaurant oh just a couple of rich entrepreneurs and their dates so how long have you two ladies known each other what why did he say
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