life is like a can of planters mixed nuts

Do you know what the scourge of the world is that's right the scourge of the world it's false advertising mixed nuts less than fifty percent peanuts i bought this a few times and I could assure you my friends there is more than fifty percent peanuts in there. This is all peanuts and that's I haven't even man there's no nothing. This is this is right here after I picked out all the other nuts this right here is about thirty percent and that's not even including all the peanuts I eat by accident thinking there were cashews my whole mouth just taste like peanuts not Brazil nuts not hazelnuts what else we got here not even pecans pecans please there were no pecans in here maybe one maybe Lloyd.

Planters I'm going to write you a letter I'm going to demand more Brazil nuts and if I don't get my Brazil nuts well let's just say there are going to be problems I have my ways look at this little man this little peanut with this top head and his monocle and it's Cain what is white gloves trying to look all innocent and fancy as if you are fancier for eating his nuts that's not the case at all he's devious devious I tell you because only devious man where monocles and pack mixed nuts with over fifty percent peanuts and advertise it as less than fifty percent peanuts evil men there's nothing interesting about the planters peanut can you imagine this guy sing behind a desk if I went to the planters headquarters he's just sitting my nipps desk and reveling and the fact that he's packed his cans with peanuts he probably thinks it's funny it's not funny not funny at all.

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