Lime Poppy Seed Salad with Candied Almonds

Are we a big hello from Kelsey and me and we're going to show you how to make our liners poppy seed dressing and it is awesome and it's so super easy so all you need is alive and we're going to juice this because we need a third a cup and then we're also going to use the zest from it and then a third a cup of chopped onions woke up a third a cup of oil not yet and a third a cup of sugar so what we want to do is get started I meet are we ready wha yeah we're ready okay go ahead put it in so I just chopped him this is a yellow onion and I start with a third a cup but this is my secret ingredient most prob ec dressings are pretty similar but my onion gives it a little savory kick okay one third cup of canola oil you could use vegetable oil whatever and a third of Commerce okay okay okay be so careful oh you're scaring me ah you did a little drop can you get that last bit in there and a third a cup of sugar okay so before we add juice this line Jess I mean Kelsey just under your mom that's all I don't know your name okay so you want to just one line and a secret to getting a dulce line is to look for the smooth skin the ones that the smooth skin have a lot more juice so this should be a really awesome one and my favorite tool in this whole kitchen is this my microplane we had a yard sell and when it was over we were loading a lot of stuff to take to the DI my brother-in-law said hey don't you know what this is and I did but I didn't know how useful it was so I am so grateful because I love that thing ok so my other favorite kitchen tool is this juicer this you can't see it because their cords not long enough well maybe you can let's move this out the way and see if I can stretch it further well maybe you can see it but anyways it is awesome it gets every last drop of juice so you want to push down with me juicy look at that we got every drop so we want to throw a cup let's go ahead and do both both of my shoes that is so fun okay and then it's nice it has this little picture you just pour it so we gotta measure it here is our third cup supportive oh my gosh that is exactly as you're welcome hon don't spill it you well let's give you a big cup okay so you can also use a lemon in this recipe and I don't know which is my fig right the lemon or lime but we are going with line today so one large lemon gives you plenty of juice and one large really smooth lines exactly there we go well thanks for watching it's not over yet we can't say goodbye okay celt Oh God have our dried mustard there is one teaspoon of dried mustard and you could use of Dijon if you want it if you didn't have dry maybe even yellow but I don't love yellow okay not drop that in your hair ah here's half a teaspoon of salt I mean not a half at East thing that was a quarter teaspoon of salt so we're gonna blend this up until the dragons are completely smooth because you don't want anybody to know they're in there and they'll plug up the little nozzle on your dressing spout so give us a good word in the blender here comes our ninja not mommy it and she do it oh boy twist it ok hit that button right there hard okay I think we really got her good so this last ingredient is optional but it is poppy seed so they look pretty you don't have to have them but if you're gonna call it poppy seed dressing I guess it's a good idea okay so I haven't really actually ever measured these you're welcome do you want to shake some poppy seeds in there just give it a couple shakes oh that's so pretty huh and then you just stir that up and you're dressing is done as the sits the refrigerator it's going to develop a deeper flavor but it's good to go right now so to assemble the best salad we like to use spinach sweets or filled green and then we like to top it with apples and strawberries any kind of very black Japanese and what else is Kelsey what are we like in our salads mmm nuts nuts okay i'm going to show you how to candy your own nuts you can buy them at walmart but i love moments and it's so simple to candy and almonds so we're going to take it on over to the stove top and i will show you how okay this looks like a scary pan but believe it or not it is still nonstick so turn your heat onto new high and then two tablespoons of granulated sugar and i'm just gonna spread it out on the bottom of the pan here like that and then i'm just gonna leave it until the sugar starts to melt you'll start to turn like an amber color around the edges and then once the sugar melts you got to work quickly but we're gonna dump the nuts in okay it's hard to be patient here it takes a couple minutes but I just cranked it up to seven and now you can see where it's starting to melt so when that happens I like to use this wooden spoon I guess you could call it kind of a flat edge thing but I just move the sugar around a bit try to get it all to start to melt so I can see it starting to turn brown in the center so I'm gonna go ahead and sprinkle this little package says it's a third a cup of nuts oh it's like quite a bit but now that the sugar is melting you just kind of want to toss everything together you can see it turn into a syrup okay they are super golden and you can see that the sugar is still really wet so spread them out into an even layer and then I don't measure but I just take a pinch of salt and just hit him with a little bit of that and then you can actually toss them up again so the self will hold them everywhere that's it super simple so I thought I should show you my favorite ingredients I like to buy the spinach and this combination here comes with baby Cal so it makes us feel like we're being really healthy but one of the tips to making this last longer when I buy it and open it I slide in some paper towels on both sides and that helps to suck up that moisture because that's what makes the spinach please go bad so fast I just keep it in the fridge like this but I even like to combine this with some chopped iceberg lettuce and that way the kids love it to It or Not Union straight spinach and kale and I'd be fine with just straight-up spinach mix because this is austin and then you've got your fresh strawberries and blackberries are amazing the last Apple my daughter sliced up I let her to pieces and told her I needed the rest for our style of tonight so there's our I think it's a pink lady apple crispy sweet my favorite kind and then the kids love these little cuties so I throw these in their salads too and it gives them a motivation to eat it and then of course the best part I think are these and eat almonds that we just made so make sure you get enough um salt on them you've got the sweetness of the sugar but the sup who's what makes them stand out in the salad so awesome so that's it go ahead and try this puppy see lime dressing and be prepared to wow your family and friends thanks for joining me and I'll see you next week here at Carmel Craig's you
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