Live Now: Art Mail and Experimenting (Oil Pastel Turtle) : Art Vlog #03

To broadcasting. Okay, I don't know right is this a white one I swear that's all I want wait a minute ok let me figure out sorry ok my now or and experimenting. Okay, oh my god i just want hey Apple like no dude I just want to select ok whatever. All right, put some tags in that wasn't in the check right now I don't think.

Slow. This is fine ok save. All right, ok.

I have snuck over here cuz I'm going hungry and this will take me I eat slow.

I jus wanna what too old to do this video anyways I'm open this took nap no better I have ha ha bishes super. All right, yes right here okay. All right, here super ok.

Live Now: Art Mail and Experimenting (Oil Pastel Turtle) : Art Vlog #03

I'm going to do like 18 bucks I was going to get the lungo love you saw my face I forgot how you can i said i cannot remember for slicing me I was going to get those but those look to express this I don't have a leg the time.

Food now that these put those with that they don't have a coach I know. Okay.

It's just this they have colors on I don't know what all this an ok.

I usually go over phone right to let you know do drawings here i show you that I used to feel more comfy going that way but I might just do it this way left to right oh no I'm gonna stick with it let me get a piece of paper actually i should i get a scrap piece of paper oh my heavenly square yeah. Okay.

Your circadian. Okay, and i just use that.

I'm going to swatch these.

Cute. This is it looks like.

I guess i will just do it. This is weird.

We do not want your own here on this side I don't know why huh I don't know what it's weird. Okay, hmm ok just and sewer it. Okay.

It's a parsimonious stupid dog crews shouldn't draw something uncle cute to see it's been like whoa yeesh Oh Lord Lord oh my god for solo now it's been about 13 years since I've actually touched these precepts for. Okay, little 10 I got this book let's tell something out of it. Okay, I still do the flower but oh dude I wonder that turtle what's her like I did the turtle ok.

Let's draw eight this he'll be homies go you're a true you'll be. This is color yellow green.

Just gonna. Okay, no no how bad I want to see it to be. Okay, i guess i may be this big early eight and then the smaller buddy oops split too slow what ya do and then his eyes ok hmm hope that that that word color right there was your screen.

I think I'll just put this right here.

Your tea shape you can draw his arms to use. Okay.

How's it going to go he's cute ok I want us to speak. Okay, I'll know the hip I just did that didn't move ok he looks like William Leslie maybe I should have that's that musky what is musk me maybe I should haha ok who's he's kind of like wobbly what was up with that maybe I should have drew it over here no should you his leg over here yeah she looks a little weird. All right.

No for some niggas. All right.

What I'm going to do you know I kind of like jump I get angry mm-hmm not coming Lucy y'all know what I'm doing.

Bear with me yeah cuz I kind of know about the ink this was throwing me out plz like Bob slated he like a fat Oleg maybe why not sure the legs my bday. Okay, he had this big ol Chum I just pick this 21 like I was gonna put some white over there but I think I just made it to one way he'd be chipster I like there yeah that's cute. Okay, right um I'll take this green gray just put it right there a little bit yeah I like that better oh yeah oh I like that better. Okay, then and then a little this one. This is olive oops sorry I'm in your way sorry and have it disappear like that.

Then I won't be in your way just come up with is.

Good is it the same no it's not the same but ok it needs more like oh this or something no maybe I shot yellow which on the field no actually no it no I try that you I try this yellow. This is just yo ok ok hmm i did a little harder this whole deal do you it's a 10 k enough yet alright.

Then i want to share this screen and I think this it isn't like I'm trying I was trying remember the brand that I used 13 years ooh Lord hello now I was reminiscing about it like it was like 10 years ago touching yours. Okay, huh yeah like short arms yes your arms that looks a little weird I think about it ah he's realized he shared his legs should be over here no and I did you oh my god. Okay, let me see yeah i just realized that.

It's like he's that's a weird l will. This is experiment hot it's. Okay, mmhmm yeah you said the making like these beers on.

No just go like dude. Okay, in the tub go back with the yellow green this channel remembered the brain I came to bring it for the life of me I thought was being tailed then I heard that these are better than details are like. Okay, the better than I don't know said I'll remember it be fun if I call up to the Stanley. Okay, what kind of silly i use but that they used to saying breaks you know could've sweetheart each bomb on our teachers name I just remembered took art senior year and painting and then I did I've got oil pastels and she was like oh my god how come you didn't how come issue.

Talented how come do dating at home come here earlier with me to do art earlier and I told her I don't know but it was true they said everything I did ok it somehow managed to run it for me.

Like I tell ya some that stuff in the other videos.

That kind of what won't fit ok.

I think what i want to do is have him have burned and then d prefer i come over here ok i'm just.

Child down analyze yo.

This will be interesting oops ok yeah looks like wiki. Okay, and we smile well actually I'm late to the color I probably should did the eyes last but i was curious to see will look like so. Okay, let's listen and then just call this will step on that's what i call it hmm kind of welcome to do the same clothes.

I guess a good school like this movie oh my god oops i did it we what beautiful you know he became of you. Okay, lordy thank you. Okay, yeah. Okay, maybe oops I can't let me have some hearing no no to turn.

Have here the toes don't say what like this you there.

It was Hugh I my god i'm happy i can't live on the no mouth that's kind of creepy though hmm oh I like this. This is cute it's a cutie pie look at him go Jimmy hey Jepsen. Okay, I'm gonna go x-oom like this Michael using the cute ok.

I message that over here and.

Highly were there to controversy Oh show me your money away it'll be no way oh my god oh my god I'm.

Enjoying this time to spend money suppose we go to their ball well my book and gotta still get the gift cuz I told her. This is it's important gift just gonna pay for her to get her eyes checked did she don't have the money.

Swing one more thing key.

She wants to see this all looks weird maybe I'll like a standing out here to make it look like a wider maybe I'll do that which I think it's cool like this yeah. Okay.

Won't see how cuz me rocks are you mutha i'll pay no he dancing that is what he doing he's dancing she's like shaking his mom love love love maybe that's what he's doing ok.

You dissing this it was pressing in there i was when watching test fails video since I waited for the meal told me today.

I had me wait longwood hmm yeah you know what I think I'll do that right there hmm maybe no.

That wouldn't be over there.

What up like that like that I'm trying to figure out how will that show.

Since i'm going to dancing concept as i miss the drama how would they go sorry something out maybe I should you out chillier it's missing arm we are I should just swing me down here I swimming down there yeah.

When I do actually yeah like that I can see it right there.

Then i'll use some talk of colors to make a the shadow which i think yeah. Okay.

Then I'll just cover this up with Roma moon up here oops I don't do it. Okay, yeah I liked it. Okay, my buddy my buddy my buddy. Okay, oh I don't like that how bold that is though damn ok no I want to get some more and then what's the most really creamy ones just lay it over there because I said was reading they said that um they they do they use the harder ones to 4-under paint and the other ones for like details and like a little bit blending and highlight and stuff like that.

They use a mix user next now what I love that thank you getting on there I'll off upon do this black or night one we'll see ok.

Now I want to do this model wanna do oh my god i love level they whisper mouth hi excuse me yeah but I he was like my brother names of baby use the bar baby. All right, i'll do my brother miss Louise. Okay, okay.

Let's plan ready I think I might use a safe here just to move it this turtle thing ok oh that's. Okay, someone who's black because black salut.

You said yeah yep.

My brother needed a bow baby that's cute. Okay.

Here's another don't know if that's all that make you look your shifting and then make this a little bit darker.

We'll look it's oh yeah maybe I should do like a backbone or something in the back oops sorry I mean I hate way ok.

Far it is to me remember shit is empowered to the state well he's my first try know what that man oops. Okay.

One thing I learn is to do the dark stuff later there oh god is hilarious ok.

There's a turku hmm I mean me this man oops oh don't tell me let me go away that's been 29 minutes ok.

I'm watches in this a kid John or ok I slap I stop this and come back.

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