Live reviews of "Pain is good"and Scotty O' Hotty, beer bacon chipotle HOT sauce!

What's up everybody I got some new sausages I don't want to try I've been really wanting to try this one it's Scotty o haughty beer bacon Chipotle I've had in my eye on this one and I've been wanting to try I just finally went ahead and ordered it but today I'm going to be doing this one this uh Scotty Oh hottie beer bacon Chipotle and I've got this relish right here this uh pain is good smoky maple bacon Chipotle onion relish this looked interesting I like I like bacon I kind of had a hankering for some bacon I guess I got a couple more to do too I got a couple more to do a review on I got some pineapple and uh some some DEFCON wing sauce and uh it's or.

But I wanted to get these bacon ones I want to do these bacon one because uh mmm Scorpion Reaper you smell the peppers a knife mmm it's kind of bacon II smell you can really smell the pepper good baking its mouth fruity peppers hmm let's try it I don't know if you can see that consistency or not but it's nice and chunky yeah it's got some good chumps in it anyway, I don't know if y'all gonna see that or not probably not if I can wiggle this camera a little bit here I got me a spoonful there mmm it smell good let's try it and see what it's like the heat is pretty shocking I wasn't expecting that it's got a good smoky bacon flavor me that's gonna be good on some eggs or egg sandwich or you've done a lot of things judge it bacon flavor the heat from the heat in instant the heat it's kind of good he just got Scorpion Reaper in it scorpion repro know if you're gonna say that's backwards for y'all but it's got a good heat you just cut up about a seven heat it just hit you instantly soon as you putting your mouth good smoky bacon flavor I'm not really a big fan of Chipotle but. This is actually good the the I'm gonna go with a eight on the flavor too it's got a really good pepper flavor a hint of bacon the smokiness the the maple flavor mmm yeah I'm gonna buy the aid on the on the flavor at about a seven on the heat it's got a good heat at the lasting heat I can still feel it burning I mean it's not overwhelming not for me anyway, anyway let's clean it out ah look I didn't take this mic smell this already that smells good oh yeah that does smell good if I wasn't half blind I can tell y'all what I was in here kind of hard to see on that almost y'all to see it or not but anyway, it's got a good smell to it it's not really a strong bacon smells you can smell it per minute it's kind of fermented smell to it what's up see what we got here let's give her a try you see I'm gettin chunky that is I think it is it's a relish it's not really it's not a hot sauce it's a relish you can smell the onions in there well you can smell the onions in there the fermented onions smell I think what I'm catching there anyway, let's give it a try it's got a sweet onion got a sweet smoky onion smell to it I mean taste it it's not very high got a sweet maple tastes like a like a maple syrup maple syrup and honey it's good it's not on my list of favorites but it's good I'm gonna get the flavor of it uh considering what it is I'm gonna get a flavor of it a six the heat the heats just not there I mean it's not there for me anyway, I'm gonna I'm gonna go with about a 3/4 heat on this but like I say it's not hot it's flavorful it's got a good flavor room kind of a sweet maple syrup onion flavor you don't get a whole lot of bacon you don't get a whole lot of bacon flavor out of it but it's kind of its kind of tang to it but anyway, I just want to do these two because I was excited about them that the pain is good smoky maple bacon Chipotle onion relish and uh Scotty Oh hottie beer bacon Chipotle. This is good right here and it's got a quick solid heat but anyway, I'm gonna I'm gonna get out of here for now they don't forget to share my video here but I like to say I got a Def Con paint out boy I'm gonna do them later I didn't want to overwhelm y'all you know all in 30 minute video or nothing I'll try to keep them five seven minutes but anyway, thanks for watching stay tuned share the video alright y'all have a good one peace out.

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