Lodi Vet Clinic | 2nd Annual Doggie Dash May 1, 2010 | Lodi WI

Here with my doctor Mike etter of the Lodi vet clinic what's going on today Mike okay we're having the second annual doggie dash and we've got a great morning here and it's a great turnout right oh I see a ton of people i'm probably about every dog you can imagine what are you here for your for the walk whoa what's this event doggie dash no test is gonna pull me around this is your dog who else you bring with you too Cory me about three this is Ryan how are you I know you we're lovely Lodi with Jenna blessing Swire Swire's who's with ilona vet clinic which is finishing up last tell us a little bit about the event Jenna I'm the event has been great this is our second year doing it the show was even better than last year more than we could ever ask for goes to such a great cause so we're shown up okay and although this is the doggie dash the fund supports dogs and cats yes correct okay and the vote I vet clinic then provides some of the services to those animals yes you do be sometimes taken animals that have been strays or people that can no longer afford to keep them and get them better and find them great homes alright well Jenna thanks great event and it's nice to see that was dried to shoot your ass and that you have a great turn on efforts yes thank you dr. bow silky the hell we just got done with the doggie bag a little bit about how you promoted the doggy dan put on facebook we put it on our website we had stuff up at the vet clinic bowls at our divorce location the interlude a location and by word of mouth lot last year people who work in the clinic and then we've also put it went to the farmers market last night the night before to try to get some last-minute people and how do you think your turnout was today I think it was pretty good I think the weather helped us a lot it is sunny as everyone can see and next year what do you what are you going to do differently to help promote it I'm hopefully think of we didn't let Facebook with last night thought and I website was less than that will hopefully getting an out there sooner and we're hoping to expand our advertising to other companies and pastas and newspapers and stuff as well well when i get done you'll have a youtube video and you can link to that did you actually create an event on facebook yes okay good cuz that's the one I saw to come to
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