Logan Lathe Nut Milling for AXA style Tool Holder

To make sure the block of about the mill is perpendicular to the cutting bit ready to go now that the cunning venison is the other check no God zero clearance well a few cuts have been made already came to be going pretty good they escaped over then-no Paris then hit that encourage and here we go starting it by hand taking small cuts they don't stress the delay that vanilla head over Jake and [Music] [Music] okay those a little wobble was yeah they try to go slob most definitely [Music] you know have it on automatically that's what he's plowed and speed it up a little [Music] back it out on a now make it twice as fast three times fast not to see you have to grab the worm gear sometimes to get this to disengage and reengage [Music] a lot quicker theme now is it's too quick just about right [Music] missing days when you're back [Applause] clean it up so that office same day good to know the way let me show you the back end of the college chaser there it is have to put that out that way asteroids the holidays mr. data released it seems to be holding the fit in very well and I was taking off the top part to match the bottom will do the same thing to the opposite side the final size than that [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] well here it is both sides shaped down my first milling job the best in the world is where the bit loosened up and the colic extra two extra piece of tape to hold it tight see how it fits just got to cut out those little angled parts on the top left and top right that you see the marks scribed representing up the tape having the fourth slide some 40 I suppose two away so in the federal side bitch is trying to climb up i repressed no vibration so far see what happens to me good fever [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well here it is half done as far as the tea portion really came out fantastic and the line [Music] there's the final bear final time ok well here it is Finnish nut mill to perfection show you how it fit suspision snug nice and snug ok now comes the exciting part i'm going to add on the coupe photo folder and here it is straight from china to continue this wasn't threading properly so at the Footloose house in proper make sure we have it hanging over over here properly place is tight feels good test it out myself a little little bit over done lock it into place sturdy is anything
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