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Hey guys! it's Denise from the moorhead calm and in this video we're going to learn how to knit a swatch and why let's start with the definition of the word swatch well according to google it's a small sample of a fabric intended to demonstrate the look of a larger piece in other words it's a test run.

How do we learn it a swatch well it starts with some choices you need to choose a project a loom yarn and if you're following a particular pattern it's best to just use the ones that the designer recommend the room doesn't have to be the same brand but it should be the same size and your yarn should be the same weight and here's a scary concept you need to know which version of the knit stitch in case you didn't know there are actually four versions and picking the wrong one is going to make a huge difference in your project we're talking size and look extremely different the three little hats in this picture are made with the same pattern on the same room with the same yarn the only difference is the version of the knit stitch once you're done with your choices the next thing is to then knit up your little sample of fabric if you're not using a pattern then you know just take a guess don't worry about it it's just a swatch.

You're not hurting anything I take the Rambler stitch as an example then according to the pattern I need 24 stitches and 42 rows to get a 4 by 4 inch square and my particular case I can decide to just knit up to inches.

I would do half the number of stitches and half the number of rows in loom knitting gauge is determined by the space between one peg and the other keep in mind that the size of your gauge will also have an effect on the side of your swamp your next step is to measure your fabric to see if it did come out exactly as expected in my case I wanted two inches in stitches and in rows if your sample doesn't measure correctly you may need to change your loom your yarn your knit stitch or your tension let me give you some of the reasons why I need swatches the main one of course is to make sure that it's you've got the size correct for wearables like sweaters and things of that sort I also want to see the stitch curls how does it look on the reverse side it helps me decide on my cast on and my bind off and of course it lets me see the overall look and feel of the stitch and also it helps me customize my project you may be asking how am I going to use a swatch to help me customize a project well say I see a stitch that I like for instance the matte crochet on a hat but I want to turn it into a scarf well in order to do that I have to have some specific information about the matte crochet stitch such as the information I just told you after that all that's left is to do the math and here's an example of that formula for you alright I hope you learned how and why to knit a swatch and if you liked the video like it comment and if you haven't already done.

LOOM KNITTING Swatch | How to Loom Knit Swatches | Knit Fabric Sample | Loomahat


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