LPS Beverly Opens Shopkins Blind Bag Mystery Shopping Basket Surprise Littlest Pet Shop

Cookies were maybe opening up this little shopping basket you see this Oh cute adorable brochure guys get supposed to be a little choppy there's a good adorable little figures they look like foo and we're gonna open this up and see what's up what's inside oh look do you want to come down you wanna come down Beverly no I'm watching my show okay no I'm gonna open up the shopkins Eskimo we're cooking it so here we go oh there we go I don't necessarily like to rip the package but um it looks like looks like we're gonna have to do that in order to get the little shopkins out so let's go ahead and rip this oh alright there we go it looks like we got the the shopkins packaging off and these right here is your little shopkins okay I need some facts like this so let's go ahead and open one of these bags oh well could be it could be any shot get on the inside of this bag terrific okay any one of them could be in here it could even entropy Oh a rare or of a common one let's find out okay here we go a little bit cream oh no isn't that just so sweet oh hey yeah looks like the shot can ran up play right into the kitchen he runs the shop King go oh there it is come on come on down we're here next to the bread hey that's a little whipped cream whipped cream you to come down from there no come on shopkin forgot I put up the other boat the other shopkin you ever wait what's going on down there sorry just give me the shotgun I'm hungry come on come on over here there we go all right now did you sit right here okay we're gonna open up the other shopkin bag okay so cookie down so let's open up this other bag here we go it could be any shopkin on the inside a little grape jam a little jar Janet my grandma makes oh oh hello hello I'm so happy to be here rah hehehe you should rock back and forth you shouldn't rock back and forth you should Roxanna for that oh sorry about this ever way what's going on down there oh why is she upstairs yeah why why why oh we can soon hey nice watching you something let me show ya television oh yes I haven't seen a television since I've been bagged up whoa Beverly look what are you doing here that don't want kids again Oh cookie fans I'm so happy you're still here Oh sing about making front of them club sandwich III didn't know what type of of them and auntie's would be butter and jelly so um I've got some apple jam here they've got strawberry jam and the comment section what happened to him do you think I should make burn on a sandwich Tommy below the Apple for the strawberry jam thanks Ricky field Oh Neverland I walk by starlight Oh cookie dancer make any decision Oh
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