M&S Coconut & Chilli Coated Cashew Nuts Review

Hi guys and welcome to food review UK today we are reviewing a Marks and Spencers product and I know we don't normally do supermarket type things but we do some on occasion and on this occasion we're doing them because this is a crazy crazy product this is from the summer of flavor range this is coconut and chili cashews with re bird's eye chili and as you know that I drew the very good chili very hot chili very odd to the young but honestly Pat says Richard and I have tried it earlier in the way up through open up but don't want to mess with your vibes and I'm till we get into them oh yeah as you may know as a mainstay all or subscribe the food review UK I do not cope well with heat so I have got a glass of water like I can manage this heat it is not too hot for me so turn out yeah quick look that is that is the product hashtag teaching you first I will go to the bar and get on Fred break smells delicious very coconut entrance smell alone you can see large chunks of chili on you as well yeah large chunks of chili get your chili seed is worth noting that it isn't just it isn't just coconut and chili it's also got honey as a glaze so here goes immediately well almost let me get quite local flavorless he just bang yeah is that like somebody done like spice it is quite a satisfying heat because it is quite strong but there's no no faz you say there's no flavor to it and it's just a nice gentle all-encompassing TP build up if you will but the actual sweetness of a the cashew and then the honey in the coconut really come through 19 oh absolutely delicious they're really good the quality of those cashew nuts i'm putting it right out there put it right out there and if you don't like it send it right back those are the best quality cashew nuts i've ever had the flavor of the cash united i would agree the size of the cache in ask me well enough is colossal it is it is a big nuts meteors anything that's very strong flavor the cashews insanely good and then you've got this toasted coconut on the outside really satisfying texture it gets even just much small amount and then real nice sweetness from the honey glazed spiceworks in the coconut works really well but you know what i did a fake food review earlier in the week when we try these when i'm bumping my score up they are i'm pleased delighted if you are interested i think at the moment and the romance offenses on offer for two pounds too bad mmm that's absurd value of bloody amazing and I think they're absolutely fantastic I'm going to be keeping like these climax gonna buy some even though I'm not massotherapy the flavor of coconut goes incredibly well with cashew the sweetness is perfect and the main thing about these is the quality of the catcher is absolutely have known anything like it it's so delicious I'm going to give it five stars I to do it 5 to the art I love to heat and then sweetnesses if Britain unbelievable product highly highly highly recommended definitely thanks for watching guys follow us on twitter at food review UK i'm at our kites and 99 and you can also check out our website WWF food review UK com subscribe for more videos
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