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Hi I'm Julie Morris and I'm here with navitas naturals today we're looking at Makkah the Incans superfood of strength maccas this small radish like root the groves native way up in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes and it's been used there for thousands of years initially by Incan warriors who would consume maca to both increase their strength and their stamina through long battles later on it was used by the Spaniards who are.

Impressed with maca as an additional food that they actually used it as a form of currency fast-forward a present time Makka unquestionably remains one of the most popular super foods available now there's really a key point in understanding the power of maca maca is what's known as an adaptogen and being an adaptogen means that this amazing root can actually adapt and adjust to combat the different types of stresses that are put on the body.

It actually strengthens the body systems providing long lasting energy and combating fatigue without being a stimulant which you know is more of that buy now pay later type of energy maca is a great stress regulator by supporting our adrenal glands and helping to balance hormones to only one in about four thousand plants is considered an adaptogen.

It's a pretty cool thing and of course maka also contains around 60 phytonutrients or plant nutrients including abundant minerals amino acids and beneficial plant sterols which have been shown to help balance cholesterol navitas offers maca in a couple different forms a raw maca powder and agile lot nice maca powder here's the difference between the two with the raw powder after the mock has been harvested the whole roots are slow dried and gently milled at low temperatures into this fine powder its raw natural and.

Beneficial the jalota nice powder is a little different the beneficial maca components are concentrated through heat extraction or what's known as dalat nice and this removes the starch gelatinize maca powder is very potent and very easy to digest most people start out with using about a teaspoon per serving and work on up from there and adding these maca powders to food can be very satisfying but if you're on the go navitas also offers both these powders at a convenient capsule form this whole maca family is vegan one hundred percent organic gluten-free and kosher both of raw and the gelatinous powder can be used interchangeably in recipes they both have a complex and strong earthy slightly sweet nutty taste with just a little hint of butterscotch I find the gelatinize power to be slightly more mild in flavor than the raw and mock is really easy to sneak in at foods like adding a spoonful to next smoothie or hot chocolate for example is seriously your ticket to sustainable energy you can also bake with maca and that's a really good way to go to you just swap out a couple of spoonfuls of flour your next batch of cookies or brownies for some maca simple you can even shake a little into salad dressings and sauces overall maka pairs best with rich flavors like chocolate vanilla healthy oils and nuts and natural sweets like dates and goji berries a lot of people enjoy making little maka snacks or balls out of some of these simple foods i'll show you my go-to recipe for Makka energy boats.

To start out I've got half a cup of pre-ground cashews but I've just ground up in the food processor into kind of like a flower and I'm going to add a tablespoon of makkah doesn't matter which kind you can use the gelatinize or the raw to that I'll put in a tablespoon of Yukon syrup. This is going to kind of be the glue.

To speak that holds everything together a pinch of sea salt and then half a teaspoon of vanilla extract beautiful then I'm just going to kind of mix this up and once. This is all formed into a nice paste I'll take about a spoonful just totally like peanut butter it's fantastic and I'm just going to form this into a nice little cylinder and then take a date I've already pitted and split this one and put it right inside like a little boat.

That cute and these are such a good thing to eat like an energy bar before a workout we're just as a midday boost young mock is clearly a profoundly special superfood it promotes the strength the stamina the balance and the sustainable energy that we want in our lives and can truly benefit from thanks for watching.

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