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Today I'm going to do the final review for the Nevada snatch rolls maca powder and I made a couple of smoothies now I don't know if you saw that puff of maca powder but um I made a couple smoothies now with it and it has a really distinct taste but I don't know how to describe the taste.

I've asked in my youtube videos before if anyone has insight on what it tastes like please provide it but basically it is good for energy balance and vitality it's an inker superfood and the benefits include amino acids essential minerals adaptogen and then you can use it in smoothies energy bars granola cereal yogurt and that's what it looks like that's what it looks like and I'm just going to throw a little tiny bit in a green smoothie today and a little bit of maca goes a long way as far as taste is concerned.

I'm just going to use one teaspoon um and I don't really care if it's measured properly I've got orange juice as a base and then I'm gonna add ginger a green apple lemon parsley celery kale that is kale in there and get this sucker go. Okay, as you can see that small amount of the white or ivory colored maca powder had no effect on the gorgeous green color of this green smoothie and I put it in a green glass.

That was a little deceiving and that's why I switched to show you what the inside of the Vitamix look like um I'm gonna give it a whiff yeah you can still smell the maca in it.

If you're a person that does not like the taste of maca I would suggest putting even less than that I thought maybe that the orange juice and the lemon juice because I put mmm 3/4 cup of orange juice and then one half of the lemon there's the other half and they're plus ginger I thought that that would take away from the maca smell but it doesn't.

If you hate maca then put even lesson thank you very much for watching if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and the reason that I was talking about hating maca is because there is a person that has been combating on our YouTube channel saying that how much they dislike the taste of maca and.

I guess it definitely is an acquired taste of whether or not you like it I will include a link in the description below where you can buy and Avitus naturals maca powder online we'll see you next.

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