Maclaren Quest Stroller - Unboxing and Assembly

Hi. This is Kelsey from cuddle baby today we'll be showing you guys how to assemble the McLaren quest stroller it's really simple it's about a 5-minute assembly and that's it alright before you open your stroller make sure that you cut this little red tab off because it won't open it this off is your instructions keep these unhinge the law from the stroller let it fall down and kind of give it a nice little shape and then push down on this red tab right here and your stroller is open like I said very very simple the only other piece you have to do is put your canopy on you're just going to snip this and do the other side the way you put your canopy on is you're going to pull this fabric through the back and you see these two little knobs right here this piece on the canopy is just going to slide right on and hear a little snap do the other side a little snap and now you have your assembled everything's really good very very simple fold literally five seconds make sure that your canopy is not locked if it is like when you're folding it it could potentially snap this piece right here.

You move that back everything that's read has a function.

You're going to know that this buttons read it actually does something.

This right here these are your brakes all you're going to do is lift up on this piece right here you can either do with your foot or there's a nice handle if you don't want to flip flops on or something like that just pull up like that then there's this black tab right here you're going to push that down fold the stroller forward this right here is your lock.

Maclaren Quest Stroller - Unboxing and Assembly

It's going to catch automatically then you're all full and. This is meant.

You can put it over your shoulder and carry baby groceries anything you need.

Very simple Maclaren quest stroller thank you for watching and if you guys want to see any more tips and tricks just make sure to subscribe to cuddle baby on YouTube good enough you.

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