MAGNA CART PERSONAL HANDTRUCK Review with Load Demos, Measurements, Pros and Cons in HD

This actually doesn't come with a bungee cord but obviously you can take a rope or a bungee cord put it here or here. This is that's particularly useful for heavier loads you definitely want to do that it is definitely not good on stairs and I will show you that later the wheels are actually very small and not good for climbing up stairs actually what will happen is that the wheels actually can't clear the stairs you're actually banging around and it's not good I'll demo that later. Okay, okay so. This is in its retracted State or folded up state.

Just going to lift it up like that it automatically extends and then you just put it on the floor and press down and it's ready to go pretty much it's easier to pull loads with this Magna carte rather than pushed it these Magna carte is actually good for car seats up to three document boxes it's better with taller loads as opposed to shorter loads if you can get the load above this height then it would be easier to actually maneuver it particularly if you're going to roll it forward as opposed to just pulling it behind you now I'm gonna actually demo different loads and try this out on the steps to let you guys see how well it works. This is actually not good for heavy appliances furnitures although it says it holds 150 pounds what I found is that 50 pounds is really what it can what you can put on it and easily maneuver it you know if you go about 50 pound things start falling off it becomes hard to maneuver.

Think 50 pounds taller loads and believe it or not it's actually better for shorter people the reason why is the handle is actually kind of short and when you bring it down to carry a load it actually gets even lower.

A taller person would have to be caught to me bending you see that's why it's actually better to pull it but as opposed to pushing it because if you push it you definitely have to keep it low especially for a shorter low because you look at the pivot point down here where the wheels are the pivot point is toward the back and that's the reason why that happens and that's. Okay, as long as the load is taller and it's for a shorter person and you pull it.

MAGNA CART PERSONAL HANDTRUCK Review with Load Demos, Measurements, Pros and Cons in HD

As long as you follow those rules you can actually manage the Magna carte now. This is with a taller load now I'm gonna lean it back and see I don't have to lean back as far to kind of keep the balance because we're the load is above the center point the load is above the center of gravity of the hand truck.

That's why it's actually better for taller loads now that's for pushing versus pulling once you get taller load it's actually easier to push the hand trucks and pulling it is about the same you know what I say pushing it is easier than pulling it at this point it seems to me it's about the same if you have a taller load but if you have a shorter load it's better to pull the load as opposed to push it another way to resolve the problem of the shorter load issue is you could just keep a dummy load if you will like you know as we have here just a bunch of a roll of napkins or whatever just to make the load a little taller just to make it easier bout easier to balance but if you have a load that's particularly heavy and short you're gonna have a very hard time unless you can compensate it with another with another like heavier load on top of that to balance it out this hand truck is actually terrible with regards to taking down the stairs or up the stairs the main reason again has to do with if you have a shorter load it's gonna have to lean back farther now can you imagine going down the stairs like this if you're trying to take it down the stairs you know you're gonna be leaning forward.

Much or leaning backwards it's it's not an easy thing and same thing for trying to take it up the stairs.

If you have a taller load you probably could manage it but remember even though it's rated 150 pounds it seems like about 50 pounds is what it can actually do without without becoming unmanageable.

Here I'm going to try to show it going down the stairs see because the wheels are.

Small if you have that it is it's gonna drop it's gonna drop like that and if you have a shorter load you're gonna lean it it's gonna be leaned back even more like this and how are you gonna how are you gonna put up the stairs like this see if it's lean back this much you see that how would you do that climbing up the stairs you're not an ant the taller load you could probably get away with it you know you don't lean back as much but you definitely gonna have to secure that load. This is the hand truck going down the stairs you see how short it is I have to pin just to take it down the stairs and this actually has no load the handle is too short now with a load out half to even leaning it back even further and I had to lean far mean further front and you know I could even fall down the stairs doing there let's try to bring it up bringing up is just about as much pain as taking it down yeah there's four parts what we have here is black part here's rubber orange parts are all plastic base is aluminum this pandal part seems to be aluminum plastic and the tires are seems to be rubberized tires here I've actually used this hand truck to move a large microwave above the range microwave it was fine as long as I well you know was on a flat surface and I had to lean it down like this you know but I could somehow manage it was awkward but I could manage but then I was actually trying to take get down the stairs and forget about it was falling off its base you know and I granted I actually didn't secure it but still I had to lean it far I had to lean it this far back and it just I just made it really awkward and uncomfortable and.

The cons for this are going to be that if you go above approximately 50 pounds even though it's 3 250 pounds it's gonna feel flimsy feels like it's gonna break a lot of other people have said that too and that's true in my experience as well another thing is this handle you see it does have its points where it stays but sometimes you know when you use it you accidentally grab this part and start sliding around.

You have to make sure you just grab this part only another con is the one I explain which is it's almost impossible down the stairs wheels are too small and if your load is short you're gonna have to lean it back too far and it couldn't be impossibly used down the stairs another con is that. This is a minor one doesn't come with a bungee cord but you can always get your own the base is somewhat narrow as well and I'll go into the measurements if you look at the base here and whatever items you put on there make sure you keep them balanced one of the pros is that it folds quite easily you just simply bring down the handle by pressing on this part right here and then you simply pull up on the base like that and then the wheels go in automatically and it pretty much folds flat you know it's.

Easy to store it's incredible and there's no folding issues whatsoever there's no problem folding it's very easy and it comes without any kind of assembly that's the great thing about this thing it comes ready to use but then again all hand drugs do don't they if some people plan on using this hand truck for car seats when they go travel by air and it's not a bad idea but you do want to check a few things firstly if you you should remember to use the right size bungee cord because car seats are often not balanced right and you know they don't really have flat surfaces to make sure use the right size bungee cords and the correct amount you might need to use one or two of them call the or airline to make sure if they even allow a hand truck on board the aircraft given give them to fold it up measurements it's possible they could allow that as a carry-on another thing you can do is you can actually use the hand truck all the way up into the enclosed ramp of the airplane and there's a point where there have attendant right before you enter the door of the airplane where you can let's say if you are on the wheelchair you'll give your wheelchair to that attendant and he'll pack to put in the cargo hold you could do something like that you'd have to check with the airline for that just to be sure and.

From the ground to the full handle retraction is 40 inches the base width is about 15 and a quarter base length 11 inches there if anybody wants to know the wheel some people are asking for that with how far the wheels were set apart and it's about 14 and 3/4 inches there with the handle the traction handle fully retracted it's probably handle fully retracted it's about 20 slightly less than 25 inches and now we're going to fold this guy up okay. All right, if you fold this guy up the length is about 25 and a half inches the widest part is look at this look carefully it's about 15 and a quarter inches well we'll go from this bottom part here yeah good say a 15 and a quarter. Okay, use a much easier way of retracting and once it's out folding it once it's fully unfolded just leaning it forward like this and then do that to get the base up press on the handle there the orange part has a little button if you see close it fully flat well in conclusion. This is not good for heavy loads even though it's rated as one at 150 pounds is acting more like 50 pounds taller loads are easier to maneuver it and shorter loads because of the backward pivot point so. This is really ideal for shorter people on flat surfaces and not planning to use it on stairs and with lighter weights 50 pound or under with taller loads or multiple loads that are that can be made in multiples shorter loads that can be made taller.

That's it's ideal use. This is definitely not for any kind of heavy lifting furniture refrigerator moving going down the stairs professional level hand truck now. This is it's not gonna happen with this guy. However, for the home use for the right type of use it can definitely be very handy now the price on with Costco $34.99 at the time of this video same thing with Amazon $34.99 I'm gonna have a link and was on link in the description you can check it out that way please vote up and subscribe thanks.

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