Magnetronic Ignition Modules

In our last video Roy and I spoke about points we've disadvantages caused by the mechanical wear of points being points are an outdated system.

They wear mechanically or on the cam they the points themselves burn out electrically because they're constantly sparking there's it is a mechanical system.

If there's problems with balance and things like that it's out of date it is very ominous the last video we talked about lumination the electronic system just to recap how does that work but illumination has a system whereby with a light system you replace the points to get rid of the points but it's got the added advantage that it's got and it elect an actual electronic ignition system which gives you a much better spark and much more predictable and then than the old sir Roy if I just want to change the points and other ones of a power module on the bulkhead of my nice original car there's another system called magnetronic yeah could you tell us a little bit about that well the magnetronic system is a simpler system it hasn't got electronic ignition yeah as the other one does so-called how does it work well basically it's magnetic it's got a magnetic sensor inside with a rotor arm that has magnets inside it as the rotor arm spins it'll it'll pick up each at each point where there's a magnet it it'll tell the system.

Knowing to fire.

Magnetronic Ignition Modules

That's the trigger in effect it's in place in the points weight and it replaced my writing thing it doesn't only replace the points that places condensers you're absolutely right it's sort of self-contained the system that fits inside the distributor.

Your distributor looks completely original and it's a to our system very simple to install and it's affected by damage it takes we're all all the problems with points and very simple and inexpensive too uneasy to fit yes very easy well donut nosh. All right, right.

We're gonna remove the the points and condense our first of all.

We undo this knot take the condenser out remove the point sometimes you have to cut this little post off it depends on the distributor you've got but basically it's got to be cut to the thickness of that and that little plate which comes in the kit just goes on there we drop a screw in there like that there we go. Okay.

They were the plates in and that's a simple matter of putting the sensor in put select aids it screws down with one screw that's it inside the distributor other than putting the distributor arm on which has allocating mark there they push that on there boom it and the end the rotor arm goes on top then out of that there's a new little seal that goes into there like that the cable will go through there and they supply two little lugs they go on the end of it.

You just crimp crimp the two legs onto the end with a krumper put your cap back on and your way.

There we are magnetronic unit discreetly install and he took me about 15 minutes was it maybe 20. All right, yeah we'll give you that but it doesn't take long what else do we need often you don't need anything else you can use often use your own coil but in preference in preference there's the proper elimination coil which is matched to the system down through the ballast resistor if your car's already got a turned resistor you you don't have to use it but it comes with it.

You measure or place it anywhere Eric Warren diagrams with wiring diagram with agate or on the Holden's website the same wiring diagram will be there it's a two wire system it'll it doesn't take long to do to install and that's it it you've replaced your points and you're away you.

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