Make your own decorative Masking Tape with Shimmerz Paints

Hi its Liddell Queen again from Adelaide in Australia and it's a lovely Thursday morning.

Let's get our shimmers ready to go and let's start our project hi there guys today I'm going to show you how to make some masking tape of your own using shimmers and I've just stuck these onto a transparency.

That I can keep them and just tear little bits off.

That's what I'm going to show you how to do today and I'm just painting shimmers on to these masking tape pieces and you can see down here I've just stuck them down just press them.

Make your own decorative Masking Tape with Shimmerz Paints

That they're down enough that the paint won't go underneath them and it does actually stay sticky.

You can peel it off and tear off what you need and put it back down again now if you paint it on too thick it can tend to like come off a little bit and I've used all of the shimmers but with a paintbrush.

If obviously the the pots you're going to use with a paintbrush but the sprays and stuff just because it's down like this and you want to do as many as you can really quickly.

That they can all be left to dry just use a paintbrush open the bottle and just paint on.

I'll show you how I'm going to do that you'll have to excuse me I'm not well today and I don't sound the best unfortunately you have to talk on videos.

Just excuse my croaky voice. Okay, I'm just choosing any color if you're going to make several of these then you can do any color you want you don't have to have any particular colors especially when I'm creating for the the color room it's nice to have a whole lot of different colors to choose from for the different palettes that we we're putting up.

This one is lilac in the shimmers and you just keep going this pretty one is carrot-top nice orange and you can see how quick it is and you don't need to put it on heavy actually if you don't you get to see a little bit more of the the texture that's in the masking tape that when it's in masking tape color you don't really see too well but um you can see it quite good when it dries it's a bit like sneaky skin sort of texture that one was carrot top. Okay.

I'll leave that there and I'll continue painting and come back and show you when I'm done. Okay.

You can see I've just pulled out my swatches to show what I've used once he had a pink blue by you see phone to send the sky winter green and take those carrot top and lilac. Okay.

Now that they are all dry and I'm going to attack them with some stamps.

I've got some different ones here some my eroded some from paper tray ink and these are the other paper trimmer coins I'm gonna use.

You can use anything you like there's some textures I used on the other piece you can see what the text the text is here and here and this one here I put some just slide some gel medium over there over the masking tape and then covered it with newspaper print the job just is just out of a book or print and I've just got some will print there and some stamps.

Let's have a look this one's a date stamp now.

That it it dries for the black.

I'm going to be using just normal stays on ink this will be quite cute because you'll be able to circle the date as you tear it off I've just got some old covers off of the file you know though those old filing things and I've just torn the cover off now all you have to do is tear your tape off and layer it down on your transparency.

That you can keep it for later and use whenever you leave this particular style of tape and it stays quite sticky.

That's very handy and if you make your strips your masking tape strips about the size of your transparency then you don't have any overhang and all store really nicely.

Transparency is about 11 and a half you.

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