Malone Universal Cross Bar Roof Rack Review Video by ORS Racks Direct

Hey folks. This is david with ors racks direct here on a overcast kind of day here at our world headquarters for ors racks direct in Montpelier Vermont we are shipping out the boxes and the racks are going out the door but today we're going to be doing an install and we are going to focus on the malone universal crossbar system. This is a really slick multi-purpose multi-purpose base rack system that is designed for use on vehicles with raised factory side rails that's these bars running down the length of the roof top you'll notice on this Volvo xc90 there are no crossbars factory crossbars on top I've already gone ahead and installed the rear Malone Universal crossbar system but I'm going to show you of the front bar and what this does is this gives you the crossbars that then allow you to then attach any gear carriers to two of these crossbars such as bike racks ski racks cargo boxes baskets you name it you'll be able to put it right up on your kayak racks can you what have you.

What I'm going to show you here is just how slick and easy. This is this is a great alternative to some of the higher priced systems that are out there this does exactly the same thing how they're able to do it as such a value price is beyond my comprehension but what I do know is it's easy as heck to put on your car so. This is the front bar you and you get the system you're going to get the front and the rear.

I'm going to show you the front crossbar system when it comes out of the out of the box it's everything's already installed on here you don't have to worry about messing with putting the towers the feet on or anything like that also has also has the end caps already installed on here for you.

What you're focusing on here folks is this slick little Tower here and.

Malone Universal Cross Bar Roof Rack Review Video by ORS Racks Direct

What we're going to do is going to comment along incidentally this comes with locks included.

That's another value added feature of this system you know a lot of the other systems you're going to have to upgrade with added locking accessory what we're doing here is we're going to simply place the key in the lock turn it to the open position and then this you're able to then you're able to then pull down the lock the lock housing this then this then will give you access to this hex bolt in there included with the system is the Handy hex wrench that's all you're going to need for a tool now I'm going to I'm going to loosen this up and as you can see as I'm loosening it up the clamping arms here will open up you're just going to want to open that up to the open fully open position here.

That you can then just place this right on your factory cross rail I'm sorry your side rail just like that that's all there is to it take the key out now I've already gone ahead and done that to the other side all I have to do now is place this on top of a car and then I can make my final adjustments and tighten it up and that's all there is to it incidentally this does come in three different sizes there's a fifth there's a fifty inch system but 50 inches meeting the crossbar is 50 inches there's a 58 inch crossbar system in a 65 inch system you are going to want to check with with the fit guide we have a PDF fit guide of this on the product page just check that out look for your vehicle listed for the xc90 a lot of these vehicles you will have a choice if either two sizes like for the xc90 you can use a 50 inch or a 58 inch we're putting a 50 inch bar on here just gives it a nice clean integrated factory look now if you wanted longer bars you could put a fifty eight inch on if you're going to be carrying a lot of stuff say like two kayaks a lot of times if you like two kayaks flat side by side you're going to want to run the 58 inch bars for this one we're using the 50 incidentally this will work with just about all factory raised side rail systems now will not work with certain models such as the Nissan Xterra the ones that have the really ultra fat diameter bars. This is not going to want to it's not going to work you're going to want to look at some of the other options from Thule and come up and and you know but check the gun. Okay.

Simply bring these with you the exact positioning is up to you and depending on the carrier that you're the carriers are you're going to be attaching but Malone does recommend that you you have a minimum of 24 inch spread between the front crossbar in the rear crossbar I've already gone ahead and made that measurement.

We're looking good now once these. This is up on here you can slide this you can just simply slide this bar to where just to where you want to get the position I've already positioned this.

It's all set now lastly one thing I forgot to show you is included also are these these extra little stops here for factory side rails that are a little bit narrower such as this one and all you're going to do is you're just going to place this extra stop right in there like that that's all there is to it and then place that right on there now all you got to do is just tighten this down there we go we're getting to our final tighten you'll be able to feel the tension doesn't have to be super tight just you know you're just going to tape you're just going to take you're going to take it and you're just going to you know make sure that there's no play in it whatsoever and that's all there is to it folks no trick of the camera there now just slide this back up into position take your included key keys put it in the lock turn it it's locked it's not going anywhere that folks is the malone universal cross rail system you.

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