MANUAL JUICER ~ Stainless Steel TORNADO ~ Vid#66

Oh hey everybody soil theory we're making green juice with our new manual wheatgrass juicer it's pretty cool isn't it. Okay.

It's a single auger manual wheatgrass juicer with the adjustable thingamajigger and there's a screen inside underneath the auger.

It's less pulp and it works really good it takes a little bit longer but it's kind of like one of those green stars the ones are slower with the auger I mean. This is slower than that but it's actually really not that slow you just get yourself into like a routine you just keep the keeps of crĂªpes going and have all your stuff ready ahead of time it works out pretty good I would say it only takes about 10 minutes longer prep times the same Wellcraft I might be 2 minutes longer cuz you do have to cut it up smaller a little bit yeah and I mean good for your biceps it takes longer oh here let me clean this out for you will you put that in.

What we're doing is we're dumping the juice we got here I'm putting the lid on that fresh convince' already got the other batch gone over here which is also gone was it good dated good green juice and she just finished that off.

MANUAL JUICER ~ Stainless Steel TORNADO ~ Vid#66

Now we're making some fresh and there's the pulp there which we're going to stick in the census spinach containers.

There you go.

You don't have a container here like a regular juicer has to collect the pulp for you.

We use the bowl and there isn't a place here sorry for where the juice comes out there's nothing to collect it with I was thinking we could put some kind of hose here and have the hose come down and you know and another thing is you can see we have it attached to our stove and that's because the lip of our cupboard this gets in the way in there's no place for it over by the drawer if when I open up the drawer that works right here but then the drawers in the way for the crank.

And our table you can see it doesn't have enough of a lift right here right so. This is the only place in our kitchen that the juice do it fit.

My recommendation is look in your kitchen and give us the dimensions of your color or your table just to make sure you have someplace to put the thing and if not then you can always build like a little island to put it on or some kind of a I don't know thought I'd mention that that was one thing we never thought of do you like it yeah this thing here the pusher whatever you call it is plastic I personally I think that should have been would make up because it's cracking a little bit at the bottom here already just from the pressure I mean it's plastic how long sacked in Alaska will probably end up using like a wooden sooner that's probably too thin we'll need to get something stat maybe one of the things from another juicer or something you'll be able to find something it will not break but yeah.

To the juice company which can't remember who was I'll put it up here on the screen somewhere recommendation to you guys the plastic ones not.

Good maybe it should be wood I don't think that's gonna last the rest of it is made of stainless steel that's gonna last us forever the only other thing about it is the screen there's a little lip I'll have to show you in another video when we show you how to clean it I almost fully bent it not all the way but I bent it because when you put it in it hold I'll show you later but that not very not might not last.

Other than that it's awesome we love it and the green juice comes out great the only thing is it needs more straining if you like them if you like your juice with pulp in it you're fine you'll be good but our little one doesn't like the pulp.

We usually use the nut milk bag or a metal screen or some sort of a strainer to get the pulp out it comes out pretty good I mean if you look I'll swish it around you can see there's pulp on the glass after right.

If you like it more like water then you'll want to leave the strainer you see how he's wiggling otherwise it doesn't get caught by the auger.

Pushing it doesn't really work you know it has to get caught.

To see how it's not getting caught.

You have to turn it push it in and then we get sucked I would say that celery celery it's the most difficult in here and get stuck simal everything else like nothing if you start out by not putting anything in there but apples and you just put a bunch of apples through for the little ones take the peel off I not supposed to be better nutrients but it's just under the peel.

It just takes just a thin peel off and you get like a clear apple juice like the kids like add a little bit of clean water to it if it's too sweet and then maybe add some spinach into and strain out the pulp and the little kids will love it I always add water and if they think that it's not a good taste because they're too used to that other juice add a little bit of another juice organic whole sugar of course and then slowly reduce that I know that you stood I love one month it anyways if you got anything to say about the juicer any recommendations or tips and tricks' season one oh I think it's awesome I love it it's really cool ready to have juice yeah ready to have a lot to do I've already had I can tell you that it works good he was out of town when we got it he didn't get to try it till now but and then.

Peace and love everybody good bye bye chicks love good bye what is anyone over here Andy you're Jayden what are you doing I think no no in the lower down and like I can't get all my friends. Okay, we'll see you later bye.

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