Master Confusion Language For Deep Trance - Scott Jansen

It's got Janson here I want to jump onto the subject in regards to confusion language in what confusion language does for our clients now I'm an avid avid fan of using confusion type language my clients confusion tends to be one of the quickest way that we can get rid of conscious thinking which is that pesky part of the mind as a hypnotist we need to get rid of immediately and delve more into unconscious land now the great thing about confusion language or when we're using confusion type patterns or you know there ericksonian type thing or augmenting language or something like that is it when we put a client into trance the confusion language or the confusion type metaphors that we're using that got rid of conscious thinking.

Now starts to make sense to the unconscious.

Believe it or not by putting a client into trance with confusion language they're actually starting the therapy process as well and that's I think you know almost killing two birds with one stone and I think that's very powerful for us as a hypnotist but if you're like me you love confusion language or if you've ever started to explore or vent or confusion language you should notice one pretty obvious thing it is damn confusing to understand there's damn confusing to learn and it's damn confusing to memorize.

What tends to happen as a hypnotist we want to use this cool fancy confusion type language but when our client hears it all they hear is a therapist being as confused as them and it's very hard to be confident and use confusion type of language at the same time now you might be just thinking well it's the confusion language that puts them into trance it definitely does but if you're not confident in the way they use it you're going to hit a brick wall if you sound as confused as your client you'll hit a brick wall but there's something else a lot of therapists don't understand do you realize it when you're using confusion type language if your client does not accept the language you have done nothing for the trance the language I want you to realize means nothing it's the intention of the confusion that I create that does all the work for us.

What tends to happen is his therapist get these long-winded techniques and language patterns and they throw them out there and hope that their client goes into trance nine times out of ten client will sit down looking and go WOW is English your first language. This is really weird why you ask me things like that and the clients ask to get frustrated and they start to think that if they can't follow the language it means that the session won't work.

Here a lot of therapies using this really cool sophisticated language has no results.

I'm going to offer some advice of how we can do this one easy step that we can add to any confusion language whether you look at points on the quest-x modern language are excited it's all the same things or doing the same thing if and. This is a big if if you add this simple strategy into it the easiest way your client can accept the confusion type language is to use their content is to use the content they talked about is to use the content of a construct of the problem is to use anything your client has talked about with or almost embedded in a confusion type strategy.

If a client says you know I'm a smoker and I want to quit you can use that content of that problem and add some confusion language to it.

For example it's just top of my head and it's just an idea we could do it but kind of said you know I'm a smoker and I want to quit we could simply say. Okay.

The more that you want to quit or is there something going else beyond what you've actually thought about and you could do as this person whatever the case may be it sounds a bit confusing to listen to because the content of context of it I'm not sitting in front of a client you can see how quickly we can use the content with that confusion type language now if I just look to my client instead. Okay.

You've got that problem what goes beyond that that's not here anywhere but now that's right here in front of me I've using no content and my clients going to look at me and go what but if we've slowed our approach down and I've added the idea of the smoker and feeling healthy or then wanting to create or then wanting to save money as a nonsmoker and I calculate that into some confusion type strategies it is likely to be more accepted from our client why because I'm using the content of the actual session itself is going to be more accepted as a hypnotist as a client but something else happens with confusion language do you realize you can actually use confusion style language outside of your office and it's a very sophisticated in covert tool you can actually use in sales you can use to motivate a crowd you can use as a life coach you can use when you're selling some content that you have or selling your product to make more sales confusion language has its place outside of the office and it's even more powerful outside of the office if you add a couple more strategies to it to suit a different context confusion language by itself outside of an office will make you sound like you're on drugs and your people you're talking to or the crowd you're talking to probably spend more time trying to run away from you because you're acting weird rather than accepting what you're talking about.

There's a couple of tips we can use on the outside of the office which is use slight confusion type of language but don't go overboard and again use the content and the context of the situation when you're in sales use that sales context if you're motivating the crowd use that context for your confusion language we almost want to be able to stretch around mine and start to understand confuse language.

We can get out in the real world by outside of an office use it more appropriately out there soon as we start to realize that the language itself is doing all the work for us we will get blocked every time if you have it in the back of your mind that using the confusion language and all the weird language that I can't follow and because they can't followed up going instantly into trance that's a misnomer it's a myth if we're thinking about it that way you'll see how quickly you'll hit a brick wall what we need to do is strategically think what confusion style language for an ad that suits the context of the men that suits the content that I'm working with if it's for anxiety think about it that way if a client wants to overcome a fear of dogs you can think about it that way if you use that content inside your confusion type language.

I've seen many hypnotist.

I'm going to come up to me at seminars or events that I've been to or big hypnotherapy board meetings or whatever the case may be and I can have a bit of a chat to them you know find out more about them and then instantly they drop this confusional language out in the middle of the conversation itself and it becomes obvious ok becomes a secretary doesn't fit the content but you can do the same strategic thing if you're talking to somebody and use the content that we're talking about and encapsulate it with some confusion type language and. This is the value of conversational hypnosis that we can use normal hypnotic tools inside the real water outside of the real world if you will if you're using confusion language and you're memorizing scripts on memorizing along language patterns if that's where you want to go fantastic but just remember that back in your mind it is not the language that's creating the confusion it's the intent of the language that is making a client confused.

Think about this what if instead trying to confuse your client through the language what if a normal conversation you are having with a client had the byproduct of confusion that's the difference between a good hypnotist and a real great master hypnotist they can almost think two or three steps ahead and know what content and what context and what confusion style language would suit the situation they're in and they can jumble these sentences up very very quickly they can add content into it and it just has a slight twist of computer - it's not overdone but it's enough where people you're talking to you think well it's an interesting way to look at things or I've never thought about it like that before or you see them hanging off every word you say because you're pushing them outside of normal conscious thinking but as soon as you're obvious with the confusion and you become as confused as the person you're trying to confuse it's obvious and your clients conscious mind will poke its head back out the walls will come back up and now you're dealing with someone that seems quite unquote very resistant.

The advice here if you're using confusion language add content in regards the situation you're in don't destroy the language and hope for the best the more content you can add to your language pattern the more accept that it's going to be and if you sound as confused as a person you are trying to confused step back think about what you're doing and take another approach that's all for now I hope to hear your success with this my name's Scott Jensen and I thank you for watching button.

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