Master in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language

Hello my name is Patricia I'm from Brazil I'm from spam coming from estudias my name's Peter and I'm British my name is Boyan arrested I come from Serbia and the reason that I decided to come here well i would say several reasons but i think the most important are the quality of the researchers and the facilities of the center because we have access of a lot of different things that I mean at least in my country I I couldn't do a master and a PhD at this level.

I'm very happy here the VCB our masters was excellent to prepare me for the current job that I do and I'm part of a number of different projects very exciting projects these days with the BCPL and i'm working in bilingual number condition.

These are how the bilinguals brain process numbers in this the perfect place for for Stalin ADA's in the Basque Country you have this bilingual models of teaching and people has to cope with both languages every day I work here on sentence processing I'm a linguist and more specifically I've been working on the processes which are involved in subject verb agreement.

The master in neuroscience of language it's very specific masters in this world was one of the reasons that made me to feel I have to go there and have to do this master because I'm I'm completely lovable language in the bring my hope would be then to kind of move on and work in a different center perhaps in Europe or even in the United States of America I think we collaborate a lot we as I said wicca from different backgrounds and with different backgrounds from different an expertise and I think we help each other a lot we ask each other for help with experiments or solving problems and in the end I think we end up spending a lot of time together at work and after work what the center is fantastic you've got many things to do here many good people which I've become good friends with and the city is also fantastic you've got the the nice food and also you've got plenty of activities you you can do in the city it's amazing it's beautiful we have great beaches the city is beautiful I would really really advise people to apply and to come and do the Masters here at the visa VL fantastic opportunity great team and excellent resources really really recommended i think this master is a good way to get out of your comfort zone first of all and to learn things that previously you wouldn't expect to learn I will invite everyone who likes challenge it's a very intense here but you can learn a lot a lot.

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