Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology at Ithaca College

Whenever I try something new I love it I worked at one special olympics in high school and I was hooked our graduate students are outstanding they're very dedicated to their studies and what's great is there in this profession because they want to help people you learned about it all you kind of get to go deeper into those different aspects and there's a professor that knows each and every single one of those aspects really in-depth from the very first semester our graduate students are here they are fully immersed in working with clients you have a supervisor who watches you actually perform therapy and that's in the clinic right out from the gate they are ready to start making a difference here I had a four-year-old had an eighteen-year-old accent modification client a woman in her 50s who was experiencing a right hemisphere syndrome there's a full semester externship their last semester of graduate school.

We have students going the spring of Florida to Oregon to California we go out into the community we do speech and language screenings we do hearing screenings one of our clinical externships is at Longview students get some exposure to related fields such as occupational therapy and physical therapy truly giving more of that interdisciplinary approach which is.

Important when working with clients we went to a head start program and we did a language enrichment program with the preschoolers there and I loved them it was.

Much fun by the time our students leave our graduate program they have training they have the knowledge they have the experience they are ready to make a difference in people's lives it's such a rewarding job to have I'm really excited to actually start my career I'm really ready.

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