Maverick Review The Planters "Winter Mixed Edition" Nuts

Hello ladies I'm going to welcome to another attitude and drunk review today the planters winter spice mix limited edition and yeah has pudding roasted peanuts almonds under essence sesame sticks cashews pecans.

Yes let's get into this i guess the mexican coke review will be coming up ladies and gentlemen I think I think I want to try to do it this upcoming thursday.

Thursday expecting the Mexican Coke or do you I know I've been pushing it back a little bit just I can more hectic. All right.

Um smells really good it smells good once your spice mix yeah calories and all that three tablespoons is 160 calories not gonna have that much though twenty percent fat wow that's a lot and just a little bit of other stuff i mean really an eight percent century Wow um.

Yeah let's get understudies on.

A little bit of a handful of these whoops drop one that's what they look like you know just regular planters and also let's give them a taste I can do that wow thats good rating scale it's pretty good 9.5 right there um it tastes like I'm out exactly how to explain it tastes like I tasted sweet nice you know and if you smell on something nice and sweet that tell us taste and I like it um I mean there's actually really good taste like winter you were to smell Christmas or something I guess you know I don't know I mean good though I'm traveling for yourself I mean I would recommend these us 9.5 planters more spice to mix a limited edition thanks watching those join next reviews the mexican coke and thursday make sure you check that out let's watch.

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