May Favorites 2016 ♥

Sir hey everyone to today's video will be about my me favorite answer I've have big news intuitive have guessed you a kiss smell my first time things here you too but I hope you like.

We are further ado let's get jumped to the video or cutting film that I loved for the month of May the first skin care product that i showing you guys and desire that i use it. This is the route is ready y deserve I'm sorry I can show it you open to the camera because I they're always tending and the phone so. This is D widening zero volume is matty g and it is for all time it is perfect lighting formula in cannes by the collagen Whitney and since ya this guy is pretty awesome i love it because I Oh ladybird good and get help to white answer to our start dark spots or acne works one is this one. This is what I open this nail be high content assets. This is from bet on. This is adrian product a lot.

Awesome they are.

Effective super friend but right.

May Favorites 2016 ♥

This one is earlier it is also for all skin types and which includes sensitive and troubled times it has nails equation coal trade set of water hi can't own essence he's a scheming which is really good egfr as the technical base natural are you sixth resolution bloodlines Judy troubled t care pulling in fact moisturizing and in lifting implement this such an Arcanine and adenosine which helps lightning your skin and your most wrinkles I'll just put all the products and they are fried eggs on description box below and watch yourselves this one holy grail cut and what's this this guy is a miracle worker tides and Nicole. This is king what. This is kissed skin care whitening collagen cream back and this guy is.

Tight and come from this smells really good no not totally but it is quite fun me I don't know how to how it smells good and i love it and i love the impact because it makes your skin bright end up in the morning because you have to use is every lil not every night every night and waking up morning light skin long and perfect no I can't see this card this card starts fun that I have it's.

Amazing it makes your face awesome the full day even if you wash it off in the morning of course cool off your favor take about everyone this guy right here your skin or your face particularly be why does the whole day but if you want to check out this guy or if you want me to happy every few for this one um just comment down below I don't make a review for you and I'm also right interview on my blog.

I will be like damn and. This is my holy good comment by the way and a little products here not mainly projects i have also tools yup i think just go with this three guy here not anacortes just.

You know I just please make up I just want just like to. Okay, first thing it's this one just lucky Brown lucky bro I think. This is a brush brush brush brush I don't know because it doesn't have a specific theme for it but it uses for me flush I'll beast for powders and yeah that I wanted to be.

I also have this one. This is like a bigger version of this. This is probably a powder brush or a plush brush I don't know uses any anywhere here here but I use this for applying powders I sleep.

Amazing yeah just just do it from the Bobby Brown yeah do another one into this I use this I literally just throw it blow blow blow blow no stop ok. This is for mari night by the way is I don't know if. This is a little Pinot graph or a boring Brad that I just want to use it oh Jesus Mariana and I oops if you apply eyeliner or browse and this one is eyebrows and yeah I just look at I just like to use this because i have no more for I have no other eyebrow thing online kit done gone places and for the makeup and ok.

For the eyebrows and i just talked about the eyebrow two down there yeah.

This one. This is y'all y'all see our have know how to pronounce this thing I'm sorry actually I don't know where I got this I think I just got this from my friend to play with we had to be plain accidentally put this on my bed and I know I don't steal it I I actually told her that I got her eyebrow product no no it's. Okay, it's yours if you love it how it look at all it is do it our credit I love it do it in one eye and lip liner I don't know that the next mega product that i will be showing to you guys this compact right here they say to a big foundation will meet with milk moisturizers at the after my bless this profession from what again. This is a local branch ill and cocaine I don't know if they're telling this broad or somewhere else and well I've got this from a ton department store and it's in the shade number two um yellow one or two because I'm yet honoured and loved this one. This is my.

Much it has a mirror and it has eight apartment of this punch or the applicator on this product and I love it unfortunately it's broken right now because of my cousins but I it's. Okay, with me yeah it's. Okay.

The last product that i will be showing you guys is discolored here this way is it cheap Lipton 4k JM and M it's from devil Philippines again. This is a local brand here hey Oh have you home I can I kiss you often slow I wish that it could be like that welcome and be like that Gazoo.

Wats product that i'll be showing to you guys is dis guy right hits the chink lipton from kjm against the local brand here in the bullpen. This is a cheap collecting in the shade luncheon they have a bunch of different shades my thing they have already know but they have a lot of shades guy Simon that I'm holding this one is raising it has a role application we just can't good to go a machine that I thought.

I love how it feels on my list it's not drying and it looks.

Natural any alerts when you applied it.

I don't like wearing lipsticks I because I prefer wearing lichten.


This one yes mom I always have this on my curse yeah we're done thanks still that's all for today's video thank you for watching and I hope that you subscribe to my channel but subscribe on my channel and now please give this video and stuff if you love it or if you like or not place to live yeah I'm kidding.

Just subscribe to my channel and if you want more videos and like your Christ and I will see you in my next video thank you and God bless long lesson by.

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