MC2 doll Adrienne Attoms

Hi i'm kailyn and. This is I'm sad we are going to be doing a science project for y'all from project as you score the dolls um.

Um the project that we are going to be doing is the volcano project and would you like to say anything before we start getting into the eruption. This is by the Adrian Adams on which is this one right here just good product which Santa brought her this morning what we're basically doing is we're taking baking soda which is a bicarbonate and lemon juice which is a citric acid and we're combining it too which is going to give off carbon or not carbon dioxide. Okay.

What are explained on how to do this. Okay.

The things that you will need for this experiment is favorably or any kind of place um the volcano which comes with the sets let's see lemon juice or vinegar well it prefers vinegar but you can try it with lemon juice or soda you need beg me said of course um then you this comes with it every the hull thank you. Okay, I think it's yeah i think it's the pipette probably the comments from wrong yeah pipe it oh and then there's the spoon which is a one well it's actually a 3 tbsp tsp where's we need one team spin.

We're just kind of eyeballing it or no me like the big reaction.

We're going to use all three yeah raizle forsberg ok.

To get started you need the paper plate right here as you can see put the volcano dead in the center like that. Okay, oh you've also need a food coloring but we don't have any.

We are going to kind of get started right now or it's going to be white because it'll make you know. Okay.

Let's get started. Okay.

Number one put a put the volcano on a plate number to add baking soda. Okay, now number three it says add food coloring but we don't have any of course um number four add vinegar well we're going to use women shoes yeah we don't we can extract lemon juice with that the instrument is not divided.

We're going to pour the lemon juice in there. Okay, here goes I know it might be slow but if we have regular vinegar it may go poo it may may not you could actually possibly combine vinegar and lemon juice and soda and see what happens we're kind of kind of interesting will happen with that yeah it's just a basic chemical reaction let's see if it goes more lemon juice to it happens up there more oh so. This is what will happen if you use lemon juice and I really feel like that again call it well not again but comment down below and subscribe did you shower last dish of it all ok and subscribe down below and hopefully um hopefully y'all liked it like it too if you liked it.

We'll see you next time and next time we will be doing grow well not gross make your own rock sugar juror.

I hope y'all liked it and again I'm Kevin and. This is sad and we will be sign off bye.

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