Media Training Tips: Master Body Language

Hi. This is brad phillips presidents of philips media relations and author of the mr. media training blog and in this video media training tip i'm going to be talking about the critical importance of body language now what we know from communication studies is that just seven percent of the way the public takes meaning from your communications has to do with your words thirty-eight percent of the way they take meeting from your communications has to do with your voice and the remaining 55-percent has to do with your performance things like your gestures your posture your attire.

Ninety-three percent of the way the public takes meaning from your communications has nothing to do with your words nothing to do with what you're actually saying the way I interpret these statistics is this if you're doing everything right net ninety-three percent if you're not doing anything that distracts the audience they will be able to hear what you're saying but if something is happening in that communication and that ninety-three percent that's distracting to them they're never going to hear what you have to say.

The single best way to make sure that you're doing everything right in terms of body language is to remain completely open and completely undefended.

Many times in our media training sessions we see spokespeople come in and in the first round they're especially nervous there especially defensive and if you could see what was happening inside their brain it would be something like this it would be ducking for cover they're seeing the incoming questions coming in and they're getting really anxious and really nervous and defensive instead what I teach people to do over the course of the media training session is to greet difficult questions as a friend if you answer tough questions well you do more to establish your credibility in the minds of the audience then if you simply answer easy questions well.

That means your body language for difficult questions is something like this thank you very much for asking me that difficult question I'm really glad you gaming the chance to address that.

Instead of this it is a position of complete and total openness transparency you're glad that you've been asked a challenging question and it's easy for you to remain open and undefended to reach the person on the other end of the television camera if you like this video media training tip please visit our blog for more information and more tips that will help you become a more effective media spokesperson at WWE mr. media training com thank you very much for watching.

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