Meissen pt 3 - beer garden - Travel Video

Wow we finished up the old town you can see we've got that church an old town and we're right next to the Elbe River here.

I figured we were going to finish up with having a beer we're going to have dinner after that and maybe a couple more beers.

Why don't you pull up a chair grab some beer wine and join me for this nightcap or this relaxing beer that's a beautiful view thanks for coming along hmm Cheers hold up the beer roll out the barrel pum pum pum pum pum boom frost you know for Dave predicted to have rain we haven't seen any very nice I can't say the same for tomorrow but try we have them breath we have umbrellas right that's why I brought the other shoes to keep my feet dry pack you you know we can put this all room tab safe no you can probably put all this on a room cab place you want it separate depending on how fast those clouds are moving behind there it might make a good time lapse you order an hour yeah i guess the kin.

You want that Saladin. Okay, I guess I haven't even looked yet one of the north north is a lot what am I gonna do you have a special for today we might go a schnitzel yeah it's safe after telling you not to go with the schnitzel what because I didn't know what anything else was even if schnitzels not like always a good dad. This is really a nice spot but. This is really a nice spot I'm just saying out here perfect temperature today there's there's no just a super light breeze to keep you cool and not hot yeah yet the birds singing in the trees you got people yak and yak and it's. Okay, really I guess the only I wouldn't want this period of the high wakes you can hear the cars going back and forth.

The question is well that's just it we've got to find a way that i'm earning residual income.

We can go wherever the hell we want or yeah two months three months at a time at one place or something or even or even a month at a time well that's why we've got to do it sooner rather than later we start to lose our well even if we Wow even if we started losing our help if we had a place that was like this where you've got medical care not that far away you could still come out and enjoy this there's a small boat coming yeah wait it's going to be behind you three here in second.

You won't be able to see it for a while you'll see a go up up River hereafter I have to get some more YouTube fans off to wave at the people on the boat. Okay, let's see if we get some people to weigh there we got some more YouTube fans huh huh now you just need a good model not some fat bastard hmm dinner is served making sure that batteries turned on i did a snit earlish nish noodle I did this knittle a schnitzel and taters let's try that again and she got a chicken something. All right, we're gonna need you guys are just gonna have to Oh battery's dead.

We just finished our dinner the schnitzel with excellent very tender very tasty.

Since the battery is practically dead this will be it and we'll see you tomorrow when we visit Dresden Cheers.

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