Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor Shave and Review

Oh by the way I guess I saved this till the other I promised my friend David from the UK then I would make this video for him a couple months ago and I'm sorry David took me a little while to get around to it I had a model list of videos to make and I actually have some devils of products that people sent me that I want to try out and I'll make some videos of those.

This cleared the slate.

I can do that I promised you I'd do it.

I wanted to do that for you.

Merkur 37C Slant Bar Safety Razor Shave and Review

Hope all is well back in the UK brother I should say hope all is well back in the UK mate we'll see you next time please visit me at my website is you can purchase this razor of course not this razor but a brand new one in the box and I would never sell anything used trust me and any other fine shaving products you might need more than happy to answer any questions you might have have a great shave have a great day we'll see you next time take care of it hi gents today I will be performing a shape with a more curved slant podracer. This is what she looks like and the way it works is you unscrew the knob at the bottom and it comes apart and you will pick up your blade. This is a new feather blade insert the blade over the post like.

And insert the post fell into the barrel tighten it up and there you go you ready to rock and roll with this razor now as you can see this hopefully you can see this this razor compartment the blade compartment holder it loads the blade in a twisted or skewed fashion as you can see here.

That provides with a much more aggressive shave than any other reason on the market as far as safety razors go. This is one of the most aggressive this I would not recommend it for anybody who's new to safety razor shaving this will be something that you the way up to and as you can see I've got a pretty heavy growth I've got four or five days worth of a growth on my beard and we're going to see how well this slant bar takes it off I've shaved with this Ray.

Many times.

I know what it can do that's a good razor I recommend it for gents with having your growth who prefer a more aggressive shave.

You soak your soak your badger brush in water for a couple minutes prior to your shave like I've done and just shake out the bulk of the water.

There's just a little bit left in it and today I'll be using a. This is a paresseux product. This is a Prospero.

Halo and green tea shaving cream and. This is really designed for sensitive skin but anybody can use it it provides a nice cushion for the razor to glide out and it's a good all-round shaving cream.

I take my brush and I'll swirl it around in the cream in the cream and call it cream or soap and I just kept the tips wet like.

And then I'll take that and I'll start applying in my bowl like.

I'll start mixing the lather in my bowl and you'll see how quickly you come up with a nice thick lather it doesn't take very long and just keep scooping it around the room and bring it back down towards the bottom before you know it you'll have a nice thick lather takes about a minute or.

To it the most look at that doesn't take very long at all. This is a Parker brush by the way I love it it's got a nice chrome finish to it and it weighs about five ounces it's actually more than twice as heavy as most of my other brushes.

It's got a great feel to it easy to hold on to and of course it's Chrome.

It goes with just about every safety razor I have had some strings -. Okay.

You see that there's a nice there's a nice thick lather doesn't take long there you go.

Just dampen my face up slightly if you have a second brush it's a good policy this little cheapy tweezerman brush you can use this it works perfectly for just applying the hot water to your neck area like.

Sometimes it's hard gravity works against you on your neck.

It's a little bit difficult to apply the water there.

You can use your tweezerman brush and that will take care of it or any second brush you might have. Okay.

Now I go directly to my bowl and the shaving cream and start applying and just working my way across circular motion straight up and down you just want to go against the grave and exfoliate your skin by the way exfoliate that means that you're removing the dead skin cells the upload of the top layer of dead skin cells and that this will also raise your beard up and get it to stand up nicely and hydrate it with the warm water and the fake shaving cream.

That it can be sliced off cleanly by the hefty blade of the Merkur slant bar and I'll be performing three passes today a three pass shape.

Here we go put that down and I'll pick up my slant bar and I like to just dip it in the water.

It's one you're not putting cold steel on your face let's clear the runways.

We can see where our sideburns end and then we'll start here on the left side I'll cut the sideburn and just the weight of the razor this razor is.

Aggressive that you don't need any pressure whatsoever I mean you don't need pressure on safety razors anyway, because they slice through cleanly but this razor especially you do not want to apply any pressure and my first pass is with the grain like.

I'll cut the right side and work my way down one side of the blade gets filled up with shaving cream we'll switch over to the other side and I'll be quiet for a second you can hear this working you can hear it slicing off those whiskers under the nose just exercise a little caution coming in here. Okay, and then at the neckline we straight down again and just rinsing off on both sides of the blade both ends of the blade become saturated with shaving cream you can rinse it off and just be careful at the Adam's apple area somebody brought up a good point on one of my comments the other day and I remember reading about it but I didn't comment on it myself somebody else beat me to it I'll rinse real quick right now just the slate manse. Okay, and then we'll grab the the brush and start applying for the second pass near the runways and we'll pick up the razor and this time we'll go from the ear towards the nose on the second pass across the grain like.

And be careful along your lip area where your skin meets your lip you need to exercise a little caution in that area here's a backhand grip going towards the nose and you can actually switch to your left if you wanted to if you're in the mood you can switch to your left hand if it's easier for you again across the upper lip. Okay, and then on my neck on the second pass I'll go against the grain like.

And the point I wanted to make was a longer Adam's apple some jobs have a really big Adam's apple.

What was discussed on one of the comment pages on my channel was slide your skin over I don't have a big Adam's apple.

I don't need to worry about this but you can slide your skin over shave it outside and then slide it over to the other side and shave that side and let go and then you are your Adam's apple is nice and clean again it's just a light touch working your way up link.

Leave the razor down for a second perform another slight rinse and pick up your brush and wool and start applying again for the third and final pass and clue the runaways. Okay, this time on my neck I'll go against the grain this third pass I'll start at the bottom work my way up and you can see I'm taking longer strokes now because I'm not dealing with having good will thingy more. Okay, now you have the option you could either go against across the grain from the nose towards senior or you can go against the grain for that extra baby smooth shape and that's what I'll do today I'll go I'll go against the man I know it's an aggressive it's a ferocious little razor but we'll do it anyway, just to show you it can be done stretch the skin a little bit and if you you know you prefer that nice heavy if you prefer that nice baby smooth shape. This is this is what gets you learn and I'll switch to my left on this side you don't have to but I will. Okay, now across the across the channel I have a clef and it's a little difficult to navigate.

I flatten it and we'll cross towards the ER the opposite direction across the grain. Okay, and the same at my nose tighten up my upper lip just be careful when you come across earth at the edge of the blade doesn't clip the bottom of your nose that's a little tip. Okay, there you go then I always go just though just a little bit about my lipstick just to insure that I got the entire area around my lips sometimes you might have a few little stray hairs that grow there and also a cleft area and just dab my fingers or take the brushing just hit that at me a little bit. Okay, now we will let the water run down the drain perform your final rinse I like to rinse thoroughly with a hot water and then run the cold water full blast and perform your final cold water rinse which is very refreshing as you can see that's a very that's a very nice clean shave nice and clean no Nick's no cuts New York and I went from being heavy dirty heavy-duty grid growth to this baby-smooth thanks to the recurse lamp bar I'm nice and baby smooth clean.

You know if you're one of those gents who's five o'clock shadow seems to show up every day around 2 or 3 o'clock then. This is the razor I recommend for you again I don't recommend it for beginners because it is a little too ferocious it's just a little too wicked for beginners but especially with a feather blade that I have in here for my having dirt or worse perfectly but for you youngsters or your newcomers to safety razor shading I'd go with something a little more mild and.

That's it I'll put this down and that was when I I will actually take the blade out of my razor I don't start my razor with the blade inside of it.

I just drop the blade out and carefully just put it on the side and let it dry in the free air and then I'll take my I'll take my towel and I'll thoroughly dry my razor like.

Just all the internal parts disassembler and dry it both parts of it that's. This is a two piece razor by the way didn't mention that but it's a two piece and I'll just set that off to the side and let it dry and then clean up your bowl and your brush rinse everything out I also like to rinse my brush with hot and then cold water or warm and then cold water and then what I'll do today I won't even use the Allen block I don't have any rawness or stinging or redness or anything I'm just going to go right with. This is George F Trump rose coral skin food. This is another one of the Trumper products I really like and all you do is take a little squirt and just apply it right to your face this has a great it's kind of great smell it provides an invisible shield or an invisible layer you might say that will protect your face they especially in the cold weather that we experienced during the wintertime.

I can put a little out of my forehead too and you know as long as you don't break out from that it's. Okay, with you it's. Okay, to do that.

There you have it you.

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