Metal Backsplash Tile Installation

Today I'll show you how easy it is to update the look of your kitchen using a specs backsplash tiles when we're done you'll be amazed at the transformation and it only takes a few hours the first thing is to decide what pattern you want to use here are some popular examples if you don't find what you're looking for be creative go ahead and design your own pattern we're going to install a vertical random pattern today we will use brush champagne tiles with a mix of both short grain and long green tiles the first thing we need to do is to lay out the design one method is to begin from the center of the area to be covered this method allows balance around the perimeter of the work area to get started with the installation find the center point between the horizontal and vertical measurement and Mark on the wall or work area with a pencil be sure the horizontal reference line is level and the vertical reference line is plumb if your countertop is perfectly flat you can start right off the top of the counter if it has some bumps or is uneven you should snap a line so your first row is straight to do this identify the high points of your countertop by measuring from the horizontal reference line or by using a level snap a reference line to the top of the first row of tiles after marking 1/8 inch above the highest point at 3 and 1/8 inch the top edge of the first row will be installed along this line if your design is complicated like herringbone for example or if you're using multiple colors or grain directions we recommend you lay out the entire project on a flat surface like a table or the floor before installing tiles to the wall just to be sure your tiles and design is correct as each project is different be sure to plan for cutouts corners or edge treatments before applying tiles now that we've got our design and layout done we can begin installing the tiles here's where the fun begins aspect allows for too easy installation methods using the peel and stick adhesive which may require some wall preparation or method to wear an additional adhesive is used with uneven or unprepared walls if you're using installation methods one proper wall preparation is required the wall to which you are applying a spec tiles to must be smooth and primed with a fresh coat of oil-based primer if you do not intend to stand and prime the surface method to using an additional adhesive to be used we recommend a high-quality construction adhesive like Loctite PL premium the apply to the back of each tile lightly place the tile against the wall the tiles may be removed within a minute or two and reset if they are only lightly placed on the surface if it's in the right position firmly press the tile over its entire surface area to be sure it appears properly if using method to remove the release film on the back of each tile before applying additional adhesive apply about five pea-sized dots of adhesive to the back of a full tile keep the adhesive about a half inch from the tile edges to prevent leakage press the tiles into place if adhesive squeezes out around the tiles be sure to wipe it off before it dries if cutting tiles is necessary you can use a chop saw miter box or hacksaw for any necessary straight cuts when cutting the tiles the most important thing to remember here is to cut only the tile not yourself be careful an alternative trimming method you can use is a utility knife using a straight edge score along the entire tile using utility knife bend back and forth until tile separates when cutting is complete use a fine grit sandpaper or a small metal file to deburr the cut edges take the cut tile to the workspace and place it in a ZZZ handed location ensuring it fits properly install the remaining tiles in the same fashion when all of the tiles are installed to your satisfaction press each again firmly with your hand this will ensure that the adhesive bonds to the wall use construction adhesive for cut pieces of aspect that are less than a third of a full tile if desired apply a 1/8 inch feet of cloth or silicone sealant in the gap under the bottom row wipe off excess sealant choose clear or colored cloth according to your preference matching outlet covers are available at wallplate Warehouse as you can see it only takes a few hours and a couple of simple steps aspect backsplash is easy affordable and available in many beautiful finishes
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