Michel Thomas Lang Master Pt 2 of 3 (in sync)

It's been nine solid hours of lessons with just one short break for lunch they can expect exactly the same over the next four days Oh amazing I think it's great yeah no Bruce no not simply it's different than current you definitely and it's better than a dictionary actually but it is it is cuz like um or something like um he explained something like what was he a verb. Okay, at school who were taught if it wasn't doing word right to him is not at doing word it's the word you know yeah it's to use T to help you know then you know that it's a web up to t up to the word t.

I have to work I just kept on like thinking of words which I wasn't meant to stuff all of that but I'm not thinking it in case when it comes to Monday he's gonna know cuz he seems to convene people's minds tell em we get really arrow and swine you can you can't read everyone's mind and then you start saying things like um John people words from the way you know from from whatever from the wave and everything and you just tell yourself no he knows I'm gonna say Nick do you know ladies talk to you and ask your questions that he's looking into you and like knows what your frickin inside you know it is almost technically impossible to lie to Michelle Thomas he may not detect what the truth is but he will know when he's not being given it Michelle Thomas learned his skills as a communicator during the Second World War which was one of the most remarkable periods of his life he extracted a great deal of information from former SS and ver marked officers and was responsible for securing some top-secret German documents which were invaluable at the subsequent trials this sentence is a death oh the Nazi killers of mathausen concentration camp taken concurring sentences you to death by hanging at such time and place as her Authority major a Michele had first-hand experience of fascism growing up in Germany and he escaped to France at the start of the war he fought with the French Resistance but with the liberation of France in 1944 he joined the American army counterintelligence Corps his knowledge of at least seven languages meant to move into interrogation he became well known for his ability to extract information from the most difficult prisoners without resorting to violence in April 1945 he recorded his experience of liberating the concentration camp at Dachau his job whilst there was to extract from the head of the crematorium exact details of the atrocities committed at the camp what we fought against during World War two the evils report against was defeated at least temporarily defeated or militarily defeated if not more than that but we'd not only fought against something against the evil but we fought for dignity for freedom of for freedom of all of it meaning for a solid healthy sense of democracy and free society and I felt that that can only be achieved and maintained through a good strong education through a good strong educational system because without it one will always be vulnerable to any attack to be swept away like what happened 60 years ago whatever within a few years of the end of the war Thomas left for the United States and began a very successful career as a teacher to the Stars my place became a place for actors actresses producers directors writers who is who in Hollywood Michelle Thomas was a man who taught Grace Kelly French and the French director Francois Truffaut came to Hollywood to learn English it costs ten thousand pounds one on one and movie stars were the guinea pigs for his techniques he worked with Yvonne Tong on the set of let's make love he won't I had no background in his own language in French because as he told me he grew up in in the slums of Marseille and had very year a poor educational background and had no idea about the French grammar yes and he or he boy was able to he thought he knew what the present tenses and the future tense and the past tense because he associated Pleasant with now whatever happens now is in the present and whatever happens tomorrow is the future and whatever happened yesterday is the past I couldn't get out of the simple tenses into other tenses and the only way I was able to do it associated each tense with a different motion different movement and now he could react in French and in English to those different movements yes and. This is here how he was able to learn how to use structure and tense and all the tenses in the in French and at the same time in English right the past yes.

Once more because task but one task snipah it is not pas not all those movements only happen the beginning to lead them into it and that all stops because it is important to be not to be dependent on movement or the or dependent on any teacher right content on how long can you stay yeah yes come get the tongue can you can you. All right, stay here right Michelle went into this language drew out of it it's essential components and their relationship to each other in some kind of way that allowed him to simplify the whole thing and then an ability to put it back all together again in a way that allowed others to enter the language. Okay, let commence a yeah I can come on Steve oh. Okay, my most evil I felt that if the structure of educational interaction between the teacher and the pupil was along the lines that Michelle had cuz he had really made what was a psychological breakthrough he had made a breakthrough.

You were unblocked and free to learn and.

I felt sure one could utilizing that kind of method you anything became more pleasurable to learn the ones who should have gotten this are not the movie stars who are going to be on site in Paris or going down to Mexico for a couple of weeks they're not the ones who should benefit from a instructional method of this part of this degree of power the young people shouldn't Michele always felt that his approach was universal that it could apply to more than just a wealthy elite in the late 60s just a few miles from Hollywood this Los Angeles school put his method to the test if I think of a situation like an in watch where I had a high school junior high school but the young people who were kept in by police patrol and parent patrol I wanted to demonstrate to shorten show what can be done in teaching Eva and that the worst of circumstances the worst conditions and those were the worse conditions in south-central Los Angeles this school had become unguardable Michelle offered to come in and teach Michael Fay a former teacher at the school has returned for the first time in almost 30 years you know Martin Luther King spoke there one time yeah as time went by and the conversations went on I finally agreed to organize a classroom Michelle basically.

We could prove him wrong that is ok Michelle will get you a class you can do your thing and you'll be sorry he carried on for about four weeks and then he asked us to come in and listen to a demonstration which we did we had myself the principal and some other people come in and sure enough these children were somewhat proficient in the French language they were speaking to each other in French they understood what each other was saying it was remarkable absolutely remarkable that Michelle you were right and I was wrong he did a fine job thank you Thomas spent the next few years trying to get approval for his method from various universities in the United States they were always very impressed but rarely gave him the credit he thought he deserved you on the time period whenever I demonstrated successfully how one can learn a language in a matter of a few days they always said that it cannot be replicated and it is that's only of course it only can be done by Michelle Thomas but. This is a cushion of personality of charisma whatever they may have called it is but they said. This is unique and cannot be replicated therefore it will not have a permanent value Michele is convinced his spectacular results will have a lasting value because of his methodology the unique ways he feels he is found to break down the grammar and structure of a language.

It is easily understood and learned what Poovey woman here will say because I cannot find it I'm past I cannot Cooper but huh chip didn't prepare you find it to find this true true be.

I can't find it.

Face it I'll topic Toby what an example he is prepared to share is the way he teaches pronouns words that replace things with the name words like it him and me knowing them is fundamental to using a language properly and being able to put them in the right part of a sentence usually means a student has done a great deal of hard work it is something Michele tackles after a few days they like to do in French is fear yes to remember fear will say well it's a fair thing to do is it's very fair to do it to make us very fair forever come vineya see it Lavoie with me of it what to do it the fear is I don't see anything but yeah that word means it that that the program comes before the infinitive is nothing I just say fear to do refer to do it that's that's all then immediately I we're going to it and say well how we can see I would like to do it you're not you would say I would like I would like to do it she would really fear I would like to know what time you're going to be here because I want to see you now the fair is or is something which is very natural very common to them yes.

The walls they weren't note now the difference between to do fair and to do it the fair now I start replacing the verb to see Wow you see right.

If to see is Wow and see well how would you say now I would to see it some students well then most of them will immediately say live one yes yes and some some may not say me to live well then I will go back to you for us to do fair and to do it they will feel fair. Okay, now go to avoir to see to see it ah revoir is they all get it.

Much what I would like what's more I would like to see it chiefly today but to a tale of Wow.

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