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This reminds me of my own classrooms Esther as a child as a youngster in high school and that was always under stress uncomfortable one had to associate learning with with work with concentration of the paying attention with homework it's all work work but learning shouldn't be work learning should be excitement learner should be pleasure and concert experience a constant sense of progression and learning and one would want more that is learning to me and a teacher. This is somebody who will facilitate and show how to learn every kid that likes baseball knows every batting average of every ballplayer and every statistic you just know it effortlessly without putting in any effort.

It was with learning with Michelle you know it was it was effortless Michelle is a mentor he is a person who believes as the teacher that he has the responsibility for your learning I said to Michelle Michelle either you're the biggest fraud that has ever walked the face of the earth or alternatively you are someone who has been associated with more miracles than anyone I have ever known he has a one-man language industry but all he is concerned with is the art of communication to those that have learnt with him Michelle Thomas is the greatest teacher in the world he runs a small number of highly exclusive language schools in the United States but what goes on in their classrooms is a closely guarded secret he claims to have completely removed the effort from learning no reading writing or any form of homework just listening and talking years of work apparently reduced to just days and after teaching for over 50 years he now has a very select group of clients Michelle claimed that he could teach me French you know over a weekend three days or.

And I thought you know why not this was years ago it was a very nominal fee and um Phil what if I got to lose you know either the guy's crazy and I lose a couple hundred bucks you know or it's some kind of miracle uh.

I gave it a try and he was you know amazing michelle has agreed to come to london to the city in Islington the six-four Center to demonstrate for the first time ever the techniques he uses to produce his apparently miraculous results he promises that with his method of teaching even the most ordinary student can acquire in just days a depth of knowledge of a language that would normally take years to learn checking up on what michelle manages to achieve will be head of french at the school Margaret Thompson I think there are different aptitude for languages yes and I think it requires quite a lot of things like attention to detail that kids really don't want to be bothered with languages and I'm talking more now about we are languages generally the way they're taught at the moment and require a lot of hard graft and a lot of attention to detail a lot of repetition a lot of things that students find boring Michelle doesn't believe in the concept of an aptitude for learning or being a good student only good and bad teaching but the pupils he has been given who all volunteered for this experiment would by most standards be classed as academically very average what they've been promised is five solid days with Michelle in the classroom and the most astonishing educational experience of their lives I'm very pleased to meet you and I'm looking forward to teaching you today but under better physical conditions because I don't think that where you're sitting is very comfortable I would like you to feel comfortable.

We're going to rearrange everything here as there is no reading or writing in his lessons there's no need for desks or a blackboard for Michelle no one can really learn unless anything that causes stress is removed from the experience it's the driving force that informs every aspect of his teaching before before starting I'm going to set up a very important rule a very important ground rule and that rule is for you never to worry about remembering never to worry about remembering anything and therefore not to try never to try to remember anything from one moment to the next. This is a method with the responsibility for your remembering and for learning this new teaching.

If at any point there's something you don't remember. This is not your problem it will be up to me to know why you don't remember individually and what to do about it all these students are doing vocational qualifications because they don't like exams Paula has studied some Italian before but is completely new to French darman de failed his Spanish GCSE he has never studied French before today Abdul tried German but failed his GCSE late last year and Anthony tried French for just a few years before giving up comfortable Maria and satvinder have both tried and failed their French GCSEs and Emilie was told by her French teacher at school to give up because she had no talent for languages whatsoever words and English ending in a ble like possible and in a ble that table all come from French and are the same they're the same spelling the same meaning except for the pronunciation and pronunciation ible Rin Francis trans EEB like possible would be perceived and a ble because letter 8th is from start a be response armed the table would be table acceptable would be except yes can't accept yes except table yes is and comfortable with being comfort but well come comfort top right see it again Comfort comfort odd come for files mm-hmm have you heard the expression see La Vie no se means it is it is spelled see ' est SEC means it is how you spell say they see apostrophe apostrophe est-ce apostrophe est but want to see apostrophe est pret photostable tan comfortable comfort comfortable it is comfortable that's the cake they come from plate again it is they see no one spot it is say conical.

On what it is they comfort them take on photography is a well dissect everything is into small parts and reassemble it in such a way that one will understand everything step by step that understanding to learn and to know how to apply it in a practical way in putting it into into sentences and more and more complex sentences than expressing one's own thoughts and not in memorize phrases that is important we just be friends with me believing but all fully the right cool Evie no fool I can do do its whoo whoo do. Okay, okay Willie vu right speak French parle francais with me four more not for I'm sorry avec moi avec moi mm-hmm yes how do you say will you go eat with me muli vu will it was holy vu right go allez eat moans a with me I bet more right learning has to be knowledge learning has to be based on understanding and what you understand you can absorb internalize and becomes knowledge what you know you don't forget you can block something but you know but not forget words in English ending an ENT and a and T come from French and they're the same E&T and ents belongs down at the end like restaurant would be resto wrong you do not sound a team.

Again what is for this restaurant you always stress the ending softly French ears are tuned into endings.

How can say restaurant restroom well I only how do you pronounce if you tell me that's what I want you to do this dress should be on the ending not on nothing resto restaurant but yes.

Always pick the ending yes let's go home mr. roat little better make it better restaurant yes restaurant mr. long Margaret would like to get into the classroom to see Michelle at work the idea of being intensive like Isis but the the fat the intensity of the program that produces the results I selected you know I want to see how these students perform after one week now they can be fascinating and I just wonder if I could say any part of your teacher that would be difficult would it be yeah because already with the interruption if people show that they feel that yes they may be again yes. Okay, it is very important for you when you walk out is not to practice not to try to remember not to review mentally and not to test yourself and you know let let me see what I can remember it's very important to leave it alone. This is s'il vous plait s'il vous plait.

Once more not.

Fast please would be pas.

FAR's CB CB CB c we'd simply write passive it see you play some small parts to speak play you speak poopley you speak too fast for me Polly oh yes pull oh that you just said you speak too much now to fast ooh speak parlor too fast boo perdido truth Oh throw fight home vite vite the trophy go beat come on I poop elite of it boom what will you do you want believe ooh whisper believe ooh the Yi is anything II other well it goes you is that right very good how would you say you want really thank you move away to begin to start or to commence is come off a ending are the are you start you're starting who will say ending is it mmm-hmm do you start where you're starting question mark come on save you come on save or ending said what well said c'mon say vu the commodity come on say and ending c'mon say is it you said - vo us.

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