Michel Thomas, The Language Master Pt 3 of 3

Back to a tale of woe de vacas also means to see him.

I'm going to see him tonight how would you say it you will say survey I'm going to see him live watch as well.

Now they know wireless to see levar associate or 2 cm and rot is her now we'll see how would you say I would like to see her automatically they will say from the great love Wow to see you. Okay, Wow right yes.

Again I would like to see you once more now they can say I would like to see you to retrieve of well that will never occur to them to say I would like to see silver tray where are you boo no never she will never see I would like to see Latin English I would like to see you.

Vote rave well it will never get that it cannot it is set when he said clearly solidly it's just all lodged up here I'll go home and I'm sitting there and these things just popping in my head from the crash from the day they stick something that I have to remember it's just there he might ask somebody how do you say this in French one person will say and you look at him you look at him as Donald to kind of confirm it with him but he won't say anything he would he wants you to be sure within yourself whether you're saying it right he had to say something and one of us says it and then he goes to like to bender do you think that's right.

He goes east is the same thing and we're all in green and the same thing and were like yeah everybody individually and then he and then he goes you're right and then he just go that did you have to make us go through all that tomato sauce for working together and getting it right we saw something it takes Michelle eight months did I set the complete structure of a language and find a way to teach it.

It is effortless to learn but his unique analysis is something he has refused to share and he has never written anything down his legacy he decided was to be his tape course the vast majority of Michelle's students never meet him they learn their choice of language by listening to his voice through headphones again there's no homework the tapes do it for them exactly how and why they work only Michelle knows as per Artie. However, the tapes are never to be listened to outside of his schools but for this week the students form teacher Gina bar has been listening and learning Spanish with Tomas I love the way he breaks the like language down and and just builds up again and you can you can just see it I can just see the words and I can see how they change in different tenses and according to who's speaking. Okay, Dennis I know I don't have to worry because I know it's going to come up again and I'm sure for the rest of my life on him Michel saying some of these words to his supporters his tapes are evidence enough that he has developed a teaching technique of enormous value I believe that Michels method should be examined in a more structured fashion I don't think that we need test trials of 10 years to come up with any findings about the fact that it works but it isn't very important to have real-life trials real-life control groups and let's look at it let's look at it more rigorously now.

That it will get the credibility that it's due it will get the diffusion and the teaching profession that it deserves and it will get the understanding of all people who look at it about what learning is all about but when the opportunity arose for Michelle to open up to an enthusiastic audience at the University of California he would still only give a demonstration that his method worked I I was Dean of humanities at the time that I that I met Michelle and had the experience of working with him for about 30 hours about two and a half days of work and I was entirely persuaded at the end of these thirty hours that this was a remarkable experience and.

I was enthusiastically supportive and I exerted some modest influence within the division of humanities where something like 80 languages are are taught and Michelle came out and we had a meeting in in the college offices and it was a fiasco it just it just really did not go well they asked Michelle. Okay, provide us with some examples of what you do.

That we can assess whether you're doing anything differently than we're doing or and what is this miraculous method and he's not prepared to come up with anything I didn't do it inside of a university my whatever I think I did was independent and I did it independently completely totally independently and just to give it to for them to it to approve what no or to disapprove yes and to depend on what what they feel they can take out of it is it's not right I believe Michelle's protectiveness towards his program in his reluctance if you will to sort of just fill it out there and get it out there in the rest of the world is based on a realistic fear of what a commercial entity might do or not do both in terms of distorting his methodology and or maybe even stealing his ideas I think that's partially well-founded but he's got to get over that if we're going to have a legacy I don't have any reason to trust anybody who says look given give me what you have.

That we can study it and then mobile it then they'll tell you what you think about it no I want to show them what is achieved what can be done yes otherwise I will only encourage plagiarism and this goes against my principles when you develop an idea in the academic world the very first thing you think of doing is sharing it with others if if the idea has to do with an instructional method well then you put the method forward for evaluation by your colleagues by those who are experienced and knowledgeable and who can evaluate it with the possibility that it will be found acceptable and then it will spread and everyone will benefit from it and Michelle for whatever his motivation has kept this method an idea to himself it is the end of the week a Margaret Thompson has been granted her wish to watch Michelle and judge the students progress for herself again I'll just say when when will you arrive every choice come 11 are either right or ray right good it is very important for me three trays in Porto it is important for me it's good some port on come one because I would like to see you pass separately to see you right.

What tables well mm-hmm I would like to know the nose what's wrong.

To know right.

Trace of well if you want.

If you want to go see it with me the whole thing if you want will a tendon is it right hmm if you want to go see it with me see if you want again a lean ending Elaine yeah she it was both laugh with me event tonight it's a SWOT right mm-hmm what time are you going to be here are you going are you going I like to be it sir here you see yes mm-hmm well it was very impressive very impressive I think they Pro is one of the students themselves say they learned in one week what they learn in five years and interestingly one of the girls said after five years in school my French teacher said I think you better give up because there's no way you're going to succeed and here she said I've just managed it fine I feel as if I understand it.

I'm interested to know really about how you found it first of all how you found the experience and how you how much you think you've learned that's always difficult to answer that question but good better than the teachers why is it very different why is it different cuz it's lanes himself you don't he doesn't make you feel lost if you're stuck on a word he'll just take you right back to the beginning like if he was a baby for saying ABC doesn't take you right back and then you're just actually like click and you know what you're saying then Satan English first and then we'll sort break it down they will think well. This is how you translate it back into the language and then it's easier that way we're just in our new classes we just told to say something and remember that but it's like broken to pieces and each piece we remember I would use each piece for a next sentence and it's just really easy that way he doesn't throw things at you you know. This is that and. This is that he's kind of mock he's kind of like made the structure into such a way that you go by it and once you've got the ingredients like you couldn't cook what you want but you have any writing at all have you seen any friendship you know write down a note if you don't take you in now you're never gonna get it right you have to concentrate he's just got patience you got all the time in the world you know you have to really you can like think about it just sit back think about it and it's like it's just coming through your mind cuz your mind is relaxed and you know that he's just saying patience you're like. Okay, I will be patient. Okay, would take my time and we'll think about it and it just comes out the revelation is that it's the learning process itself that motivates these kids math the mastery of the structure the mastery of part of the language is the thing that keeps them going and keeps them enthusiastic and we lose sight of that in the way we teach we try and we think we capture their interest by finding them interesting materials that are supposedly related to their interests outside in the world generally and maybe we missed the point and I think he's probably onto something very important here I don't want what I've created throughout the years to just disappear in the sand but the value of it to be recognized and used wherever it can be for that I have to make it available I hope I will succeed before it is too late with this program being the first public explanation of any of his methods time would appear to be running out.

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