Miele C3 Marin, Brilliant & Kona Vacuum Review & Comparison - Miele Vacuums in San Diego, Encinitas

Welcome to the Mila minute my name is Brett today introducing the Mila s a canister vacuum series first we'll quickly discuss the similarities between all six models and then a head-to-head comparison between the most popular models using motorized carpet brushes the kona the marin and the unique in another video we'll discuss and compare the Kalima and the elise.

Let's get to work all of meal s aids are built of high impact ABS polymer like football helmets no cheap injection molded plastic here and they're built using Milla's new innovative skeletal construction for more durability while decreasing weight down to an amazing 11 pounds warranty is one year on the general machine while the vacuum motor and durable casing boast a seven-year warranty there's one model that has a longer warranty and we'll address that later in the video Miele vacuums are the first machines in 50 years to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on the bottom you'll see that all of them have soft non-marking wheels no scratching on wood floors and set in 360-degree casters the rear ones - to make the machine very random about the floor entering the phone moving a chair park system right here you don't have to drop this to the floor storing in the closet easy on end porch system right there or if you prefer the other side as well examining the body of the essay will notice a retractable cord as part of the a stage 33 foot overall operating radius a OneTouch cord rewinder and a prominent rubber non-marking furniture guard at the touch of a button we're into the tool lid which contains a crevice tool a dusting brush which can swivel for various angles and an upholstery curtain stair tool with lint lifters built right in all using the dealer's largest nine-ply 4.6 quartz canister ultra bag and all include HEPA filters but not only is this HEPA filter certified but the entire vacuums are the only ones in the world to achieve Europe's highest standard of en 18:22 ensuring perfectly clean air all of the SE h use a 1200 watt encapsulated vortex motor with a 20 year life expectancy and run with near silent operation each have six suction settings high for carpet floors Lowe's lace curtains and lampshades and they're adjusted with this - and the plus button which are foot operated - sparing the user the need to bend moving on to the three most popular rs8 models those using motorized carpet brushes first we have the Kota and the Marin you'll notice on the kona it has this basic six hour day on the Marin it has the same settings as well but we turn the machine on we'll notice it also contains automatic that will set the selection level forty years are giving just the right amount of suction it also saves energy Mila claims that if every vacuum cleaner in the world had that setting we could close for entire power plants now back to the Nova trucks suction controller reset that lights bright red when it's time to change the HEPA filter allowing the user to know precisely when it's time in addition on the Kona remember we have the rear part but the vacuum continued to run in it it's storage only but on the Marin if positive wall in the rear part doesn't load there phone call move in a chair and remove it right back to back the third vacuum the uniq has every feature of the Marin but you'll notice only to have the filter change light remains on the machine all other controls had been relocated to the handle assembly for fingertip control there's the automatic suction we can adjust it with a plus and minus button and this unit can be paused from two locations either directly on the hose itself or the rear parking statement here are four additional features found only on the invent the entire interior tool compartment is velvet lined the entire furniture guard is velvet and real metal chrome trim here here and the operating pedals in the rear on the bottom you'll notice LED running lights on either side that remain illuminated for 30 seconds upon shutdown guiding the way in a dark closet when parking the tool the unique is for people who want the best Miele has to offer and it's the only one with the longer warranty is discussed earlier in the video instead of a one-year general warranty on the machine the unique has an entire five years and instead of a seven-year warranty on the vacuum and the durable casing and entire ten year warranty. However, the marin is by far our best selling machine and here's why the Moran while costing hundreds of dollars less still boasts the Nova tronic features of the HEPA filter change light the automatic suction setting and pause when a tool is in the rear park and in addition very important to our customers complete control is maintained over the suction settings without the Miele hose attached for example the suction level can be set and our exclusive 6 to 24 foot expanding hose can be utilized instead that we've been building for 17 years lifetime warranty for vents blinds dusting bookcases shelves upholstery furniture beds even a complete staircase in addition as opposed to the kona head the unique which come prepackaged with motorized carpet brushes the marine has none giving the buyer the complete choice of whichever brush is right for them.

Let's take a closer look at those motorized carpet brushes now all motorized carpet brushes require electricity to operate them. This is accomplished here through Milla's direct connect hose system with no external wiring plugs in here and on the other end of the hose we have a switch to operate the brush and another Direct Connect system for the wand this hose is very robust the machine can come home with it and we almost never have a thing out of the wand it connects directly as well there's the connector engages and the wand is telescopic to accommodate all those in the household and collapses completely for storage as well now onto the motorized carpet brushes that this operates two of the three motorized carpet brushes come prepackaged with machines the unique has the two three six brush and the kona a two to eight brush both are similar in the sense that they have a one to five height adjustment for low medium and high carpet and a quick foot-operated wand release for the spider in the corner real quick or to use the floor brush and then when done simply return and insert back into the neck the two three six brush turns off in the upright position no burning a hole in the carpet and Kosovo of LED lights to light the way in a dark area or under the bed also if perhaps went under the bed you suck up a sock you didn't see a quick restart simply remove the obstruction push the restart and you're off and running again versus the premium brush the midline brush is a little higher has no quick restart button and no light to brighten the way in dark areas it's also a little bit louder and does not shut off in the upright position the rhyme all three motorized brushes do a great job on carpeting including Milla's least expensive choice the scp-217 brush when using one of the motorized brushes you'll notice that they all swivel in steer lie flat for low areas and even going right to upholstery the wand and telescope shot and directly to your furniture work or what few people think of doing removing the one completely and creating the most powerful hand through in the world all three models come with Milla's patented arcade twister floor brush. This is not sensitive to angle the back bristles don't rise up scrubs deeply into grout lines solo its fits under my oven and swivels drastically even under low lying furniture to sweep a wall and the performance everyone deserves a Miele.

We ship for free daily in a factory sealed box and those sales tax outside of California to buy or if you have more questions call us toll free 8 8 8 8 2 2 6 3 8 7 and thanks for watching you.

Miele C3 Marin, Brilliant & Kona Vacuum Review & Comparison - Miele Vacuums in San Diego, Encinitas

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