Milk-Saver: Breast Milk Collector

Okay Helen let's talk about the milk saver okay. This is for Mom Center breastfeeding like me panic collects leaky milkman on nursing site during the breastfeeding session.

Instead of moms silky NEPAD and just throwing their milk away they're able to see their liquid gold in this awesome milk favor.

Think of it as a breast milk reservoir that fits into your bra. Okay, your nipple fits to the opening here and then the festival collects in the reservoir here is just watch your save meet in the USA and if the case doubles as a stand.

When you're ready to switch sides and there's your baby on the second breast just set it in here and then after you put your baby down you just pour it into a tea container freeze it. Okay, make cereal whatever no muss use this how comfortable is it it's really comfortable its form-fitting to the rest and I forget I have it on. Okay, great are you wearing it now I am not wearing it right now I think.

Milk-Saver: Breast Milk Collector

Too and where can people buy this they can get it online at my mouthpiece calm and we have a store locator on our website.

Moms can find a store in their area and shop. Okay, and what's the price point price is twenty six ninety nine you.

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