Mini Etude House and Innisfree Haul! | Korean Skincare Routine

Hey guys! ok.

I'm back Adam in Korea as everyone knows and today I want to talk about skincare my skin personally is not as great as it should be I put my bags up.

Maybe you could see my acne and my scars and stuff but you can't really seeks I put makeup on the hide them but.

Being in Korea everyone knows that Koreans have just like.

Mini Etude House and Innisfree Haul! | Korean Skincare Routine

Much nicer skin on average than like everyone else and even back home in America I noticed that the Korean girls had nicer skinned and like some of the other girls and it's because skincare is ingrained in these people as a culture it's been taught to them by their mom since we talked to them by their moms it's been talked to them by their moms and in America it's just like wash your face you use your cleanser use your acne treatment or whenever you moisturize maybe you use an eye cream and then you know you started it but Korea is very famous for their quote unquote 10-step program for their skin and I just want to address this as being that just like a five paragraph essay in high school it's what you're taught and it's what you know how to do but once you go on to further higher levels of English in high school or even at college you do not use the five paragraph essay and just because an essay is five paragraphs does it mean it's necessarily the five paragraph essay model and similarly just because it's called like the tenth step method the steps do vary according to what your skin needs or according to what you can afford or you know what you want to use how much you want to put on.

It can be anywhere from like you know 52 like 12 steps depending on how much you want to do typically the steps are to use an oil cleanser first you go from water-based to heavier stuff.

Oil cleanser first and then a foam cleanser and then if you want to exfoliate but that's only that a couple times a week you shouldn't exfoliate every night and then you use your toner and then your essence and any serums that you might want any masks that you might use and then I cream and then if you're going to bed a sleeping mask or sleeping with Dreiser.

I've decided with my recently not as great skin that i am going to embark on this intense step model approach to taking care of your skin and I think it's going to be really really nice and I'm going to get really great results and I'm really looking forward to this.

My school is a woman's school at all girls.

Outside of a lot of cosmetic stores and shopping.

I went to inisfree and a tude house I usually just take my makeup off like my eye makeup which is you know joining my makeup with this French lotion that I don't know how to pronounce or describe to anyone but it's very water-based it's very light and. This is the only lotion I've ever found that doesn't irritate my eyes when I'm removing I makeup.

I will continue to use this but I never use it to remove all the makeup from around my face.

I bought from Innisfree these apple juicy cleansing tissues no no no no no no and I'll just be using these to wipe off any of the other makeup or on my face and prepping my skin for the rest of the routine now from a tude house I got my oil based cleanser which is real art mild cleansing oil looks like this box it comes in and. This is the product it comes with a little pump bottle it looks a lot like olive oil actually I at home my family is Italian.

I'm used to if like my skin is super dry I do put olive oil just straight-up olive oil on my skin at home it's something I've done for a little bit now.

The idea of putting oil directly on my skin as an American isn't as shocking to me but for a lot of other Americans I think the idea like if you have oily skin or any kind of skin to put oil on your skin would be very surprising to them as something that would work but this really like helps melt away everything else that's on your face and I feel like it helps i open my pores and it smells really good that's what i've been using as my cleansing oil after my clones and wipe I'm just really paranoid now i'm getting all my makeup off because i think they're clogging my pores and then from industry is my olive oil cleansing foam which i love as i just said i'm used to using olive oil at home to help moisturize my skin.

This it smells really comforting to me it smells just like olive oil like a hint woman and its really gentle and you just you want your fingers and you want the foam and you like rub your fingers together you activate the foam in your hands and then you wash it on your face and you wipe upwards and it's it's super nice stuff is really nice I really like it i look forward to using it as I exfoliator I got also from Innisfree this judging volcanic three in one knows pack and it's this little tube I think this was meant for blackheads very gently you just use water and. This is actually a mask.

You put it on the area do want to exfoliate.

It's a nose pack.

I'm using it for my nose and the area right here and I'm also putting it here and on my chin and you rub it in and stuff and let it you know exfoliate your skin a little bit and then you let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and during this time you can brush your teeth or put on your pajamas or watch videos before you go to bed at listen to music or anything that you would normally do before going to bed and then after a 10 to 15 minutes you just wash it off normally with lukewarm water after you exfoliate you want to rebalance your skin's natural pH levels.

That's where toner comes in also from a tude house I bought this honey Sarah toner i also used honey in the past a lot for a lot of DIY things and i used to use for my skin but. This is what it looks like toner i personally think toner is super important I like I said made a lot of DIY toners at home but I really think it's important after all of scrubbing and all the like stripping of like moisture you do from your skin from using other things that you rebounds it with something like a toner and as its advertised. This is from firming and nourishing now I did not purchase any essence or serums yet because. This is such a change from what my skin is used to.

For now I am not using any essence or serums but if I notice my skin might need more like it's responding well but you know I could push it further in the right direction or it's not responding at all and I think could benefit from these things then I will go out and make those purchases but for now I am not using them but I'm definitely open to doing it in the future after the essence or emulsions or serums that you use it's optional but you could use a mess masks are not to be used every night there to be used a few times a week but that did not stop me from buying a lot you saw my masks from Innisfree and they're meant for different things oh there's actually two more in my bad anyway, um so. This is the panola honey hydro gel mask and it's meant for it says nutrition I'm not sure nutrition means that i should use nutrition. This is the very hydro gel mask and it's used for brightening like i said i have a lot of scars and they've developed into like weird dark spots all over my face.

I'm really hoping that by using brightening masks it'll help fade the scars. This is the tea hydro gel mask and it's used for trouble I'm not sure what trouble is but i think i might have it. This is a skin solution mask and it's meant for lifting again i'm not really sure what that means but i look forward to the results it'll give me and then these were actually free because i bought.

Much they put these in the bag they are it's real squeeze green tea masks.

Also looking forward using those i have quite a few from a toot house as well actually used one today I used the rights mask for nutrition i think it was but i bought two of the pearl masks and they're advertised as being for bright complexion which again i'm really trying to get rid of these scars and dark spots i have.

I'm hoping that'll help with that Plus these are.

Cute I saw this snail smooth firming mask at a tooth house and I thought perfect I feel like that would gross a lot of Americans out the idea of putting a snail product on your face but I'm really kind of like into it.

After your masks and stuff you would put on your eye cream which again I did not buy one of because I don't know if I've necessarily find it necessary I know a lot of people use eye cream and it's like a really important thing for a lot of people in their routines I'm still pretty young maybe in five or.

Years I might start using it depending on how I think my skin is doing but.

At night once it's time to go to bed i bought this also from a toot house moistfull collagen sleeping pack. This is just cream that you put on to go to sleep and I squeezed riser it looks like this at first it felt a little heavy to put on my skin but after it soaked in I felt nice and I was ready to go to bed and I felt super refreshed and they also gave me a free beatitude house because I also spent a lot there and that is the moistfull collagen deep cream but i will be using this as part of my moisturizer for the daytime too I started all of the routine last night last night was my first night using all these products from Innisfree in it to the house and right away my skin felt a lot more supple and moisturized and happy and when I woke up and washed off the moisturizer that I'd put on for the night my skin still felt soft and supple.

Already I'm feeling a difference that I feel like my skin is definitely fresher and a little younger and happier definitely.

I will be using these products for about a month and then i will check back in and let everyone know how they worked or how it didn't work and how much skin feels and how my acne and how my scars have done since then but i'm very excited to be starting this routine and i'm very excited to see any results any result that's positive would be a great result.

That's about it i will update everyone in a month on how my skin is doing and already from last night my skin is super happy.

I'm super happy.

That's all I'll check back with you in a month for how my skin is doing and I will see you later bye.

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