Right now so here's my arm Chinese see free mini live I've had this for about five years now I think and I've been wanting to get a quick change tool place for quite some time part of this one here for all that time hey I do quite like it but every time you want to change at all out to put a different tool in there you have to shim it I don't know if you can see just underneath the actual tool pieces a load of shims there and so you have to stack these shims to get the actual edge of the tool tool here on the centerline of the live and that can sometimes be quite difficult and time-consuming side a bit so I actually use underneath here I've got bits of pop can and also bits of steel banding like this what you would wrap bar like crate parcels up in and hold it together in shipping and also there are parts of fear luggage in there as well to get it get the tool dead center so it can be quite time-consuming actually taking these tools out and then putting others in there so yeah I've found a quick change tool post which is our reasonably-priced I have been looking at other ones which really like getting on 290 pounds range and on don't read why put that much into it so yeah I will show you the art or post oh my god okay so here it comes in a reasonably strong box we have a nice foam insert in this that's nothing to get damaged in shipping anyway and which my one didn't know that's good now you've got a couple of allen keys out to tighten the tool holders up there's the actual tool post that just slipped inside and you get a couple of different size are bolts with it to attach it to the lathe and in the tool holders let's stand a tool holder will take up to you I'm half inch saris tall bits there's two standard tool holders and then there's a parting tool get there take a parting blade then there's also a 3/8 I think it was free up on the side and a 3/8 are boring whole but boring tool holder sorry and they're all machine niceties bits here I think I made steel yep definitely made of steel the actual body of the tool post is aluminium so yeah it's not made to steer its own union okay so I'll just start put it on labor and see what it looks like you okay so there we go it took me under 30 seconds probably once I put it on here to actually adjust the tool piece to the correct height and I just took a cut face cut off the arm edge here and it's perfectly smooth there's no little dimple in the middle so yeah pretty happy with it it's a lot lot faster to set the tool bit up so yeah should be pretty good I'll just show you actually how the tool bit work just the people you sure you got like a dovetail here and this obviously slides up and down on the tool post and then you've got a thumb wheel adjuster here and it's on the actual tool holder there's a piece of threaded rod and you can basically just adjust this up and down until you get it to the right height rather than putting shims in and then once you've got it to the correct height there's a little lock nut on top here just here and you tighten this down on top of the thumb wheel and that will lock it in place that means it will ensure every time you put a tool holder on the other tool bit in that you're told it will be at the right height so I can just pull this out and put tool bit back in and lock it and it'll be at the correct height each time so overall I'm pretty happy with it it seems to be pretty well made only time will tell how long it lasts so yeah but once again I brought this from I will put a link in the description it was under $40 at time when I brought this so yeah I think it's a good bargain anyway and yep thanks for watching and I'll see you next time please our rate comment and subscribe alright
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