Miniature Groceries & Shopping Basket Tutorial // Dolls/Dollhouse

Hey guys! Today we're making a miniature shopping basket and a few groceries, hope you'll enjoy. And the tutorial for the ramen and hot sauce can be found in a previous video, so I'll link that in the info box. To make the basket you're first going to make a template for the bottom and side pieces, Roll out a thin sheet of clay in any color of your choice, Cut out some strips and place them like shown in the video. You can use a tool to blend in the seems, and I also added liquid clay before baking, just to smooth it out completely. Now place the stencil on top and cut around it. After you've made and pre-baked all the side pieces, you wanna cut out the bottom piece, Use clay and liquid clay to put together the sides and place them on top of the bottom. Then bake again. I added more clay to cover up uneven areas and baked one last time. And after baking I chose to sand it to smooth everything out, but you don't necessarily have to do this. To make the holes for the handles you can use an electric file or hand drill - or a needle tool before baking the side pieces. And to make the handles I just bent some wire and pushed it into the holes. To make the squash roll out some green clay, Then place it on a needle tool, And then use the side of your blade or knife to create the texture. After pre-baking you want to stuff the hole from the needle tool, And then you also wanna add the top piece, and add texture using a pointy dotting tool or needle tool. After baking you can add details using acrylic paint in a couple of shades of green as well as beige. And to finish off, I added a thin layer of gloss glaze. To make the carrots, roll out some orange clay and use your blade to add some lines. After baking I added shading using soft pastels in white and an orange-y brown color, And applied these using a wet brush. I sealed that with a matte glaze, then cut off the end and added the final details using a pale beige and some green acrylic paint. To make the bag I took the bag from some actual veggies, And then took this bag sealer I got off of ebay to close it up. For the loaf of bread you first wanna roll out a light dough color, Then use a pointy dotting tool, needle tool, tin foil and a toothbrush to add texture. After baking I added shading using soft pastels, I applied the first layer with a dry brush, and the rest using a wet brush. Seal that with a matte glaze, and then for the bag I did the same as with the bag of carrots, just using different plastic. And then if you want, you can just use some thread to close it. To make the pasta roll out a really thin sheet of a pale yellow color, Cut some thin strips and twist them. After baking you can then cut them up and put them into a bag. I also painted some quick stripes onto a piece of paper, glued it to the bag and sealed it with a gloss glaze. Finally for the ground beef I mixed white, translucent and a couple of shades of red, Cut out a square, rolled out some thin snakes and placed these on top. When you're done, you can add a tiny bit of texture using a toothbrush, then bake. After baking, I used black clay to make a simple tray. And after baking that, I added cling film. Lastly, paint and glue on a label, then seal with glaze and you're done!
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