Minnie and Daisy went Shopping with Bowtastic Shopping Basket Set | Kids Station

[Music] hi friends its kid station today we have three different packages the first one we have here is the mini boat astok shopping basket set and we have Minnie and Daisy snap on fashion that rolls and twirls let's open meaning in DC first then they can both go shopping okay let's get started here is me super cute she's wearing a lavender tiara my pink dress and dark pink shoes now she's just wearing her undergarment let's put the tiara back on and maybe we can try this dress that matches her tiara [Music] learn the shoes and we have here this big stand that has three hearts and fun and three hearts at the back and yes this wheel at the bottom that rolls then slides back and forth and makes me a 12 let's try it [Music] now it's open case me this is Stacy she's so adorable she has a green tiara 11th or dress and if you choose now let's put the tiara back on then let's try this dress that matches her tiara [Music] and the shoes there you go and this is ours goes up and down her head turns from side to side and say mess with me me I forgot to show you guys that earlier and she also comes with this quiz then put eight see here let's try it now they see me mechanical shopping [Music] here is a mini boat a sleek shopping basket set let's see what we have here [Music] this basket is still adorable the color is hot pink with light pink handle and it's full of hearts that there's hearts everywhere and then we have a picture of me we have here mini shopping list and we're gonna help meet and AC double check if they got it all we have here our pasta put in the Box a great champ [Music] [Music] tomato sauce [Music] strawberry jam [Music] email carton with Daisy enemies picture a purple knife freedom in the spa blue and for the heavy part we have here the purple cupcake in the foot bread croissant with mini spa a green apple two strawberries [Music] Raspberry Pi and it has heart of the middle and the cake now let's cut them in half for me and AC let's start with our pie [Music] now we have two slices one honey and other one for Daisy and our apple and who do you think we should get a bigger slice maybe we should give it to me Neha and for the strawberry nice we have two one for me and one for Daisy but we could still cut them in half [Music] [Music] and you have your local friends let's cut it in half okay one half for me me and other half for desi and let's got our croissant when for Casey and other half for me and the last but not so nice to be home here are vanilla cake with an crossing and nyse:ba one slice with AC and others lives for me we have here our mean evil tastic shopping basket set with me and they see don't forget to Like share and comment down below you can also watch my other new Mouse videos by clicking on this playlist [Music] and don't forget to subscribe by clicking on the butterfly at the middle of the screen thank you for watching until next time
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