Minnie Mouse Bowtastic Shopping Basket & Toy Velcro Fruit Cutting Playset!

Hey everyone awesome this it was here in - they're bringing you mini boat astok shopping basket set this is by far the prettiest shopping basket I've seen you get some pink pearl handles the bass gets covered with hearts we get hearts here hearts over here hearts everywhere and we even get a beautiful portrait of Minnie now let me just pull this out take the cover off got to be careful don't want to spill here's the purple cupcake one strawberry a loaf of bread a green apple one full raspberry pie a piece of cake one croissant this is oh it's a carton of milk hinder that's a picture of Minnie and Daisy on it I must have missed it earlier we actually get another strawberry here's Minnie's play knife the handle has polka dots and Minnie's Bell okay let's look at the bottom portion here's Minnie's grocery checklist and this ah we can hold some grape jam in here it looks like we need a refill here's the kind of mini special tomato sauce and here's the kind of mini special strawberry jam since Minnie loves wearing boats we can make some bowtie pasta uh hope it looks like Minnie ate it all already now I'll cut some items in half to share with you guys whoever bake this is pretty good Minnie's bows right in the middle here's one of many strawberries - this enough actually we have two strawberries so instead of sharing half we'll both get one full strawberry each I'll still cut this in half though mmm this looks sweet if you look at the leaf its minis Bo let's share this raspberry pi Oh check out the heart in the middle and the heart even that's hard time to cut the Apple I didn't notice this earlier but this then is shaped like Mickey Mouse's head that apple flew away see you guys want the bigger half or the smaller half even minis bows made with pink frosting this looks pretty delicious check this little bread out they baked it to have Minnie's ears and Minnie's bone I'll slice up on that for you guys this bread is still hot all right let's do a quick recap here's the loaf of bread the croissant here are the two strawberries piece of cake a full raspberry pie one green apple a purple cupcake with minis ears and Bo some grape jam someone still needs to fill this up here's a can of strawberry jam a can of tomato sauce one carton of milk and some bowtie pasta whew that's a lot of food well this is a lot of fun thanks for watching please subscribe to watch more see you later also if you haven't done so already be sure to follow me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter the links are in the description box below
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