Miss Ya a Latte Card

Hello everybody. This is sheri from DG sundry blogspot com and today I'm going to be making a card for a friend and I'm also making this today is a super simple Sunday challenge over at the gettin crickey calm and the challenge for today is to make a card using any hot beverage now my friend lives in a different state and I haven't seen her in probably almost two years and I just wanted to send this card tour and I'm going to try to make it into a gift card holder.

The first thing that I'm going to use is lyrical letters now usually when i use lyrical letters it's just for the letters and numbers itself but today i'm going to be using a coffee figure from that it's on page 66 and it's using the loop de loup button on the lyrical letters cartridge and i cut it the coffee and the frame it's four inches and I'll show that to you in a minute let me show you what else we're going to be needing the patterned paper I'm using is from the trade winds Matt stat from Beckett's with of you and I have chosen this kind of rusty burnt color pattern paper here.

That's what I'm going to be using for my pattern paper for my card base I'm going to be using this cream color from this Cypress stack now i just picked this up at Roberts for about four dollars a month I may have even purchased it on sale but i'm just going to be using one sheet of that card stock but i am cutting it a little bit differently.

Watch out for that i'm also going to be using this pipe nylon ribbon from Martha Stewart crafts and it's in brick color and it's it's a narrow ribbon but it's a pretty good match to my paper I'm going to be using a couple of different inks I'm going to be using ice spruce distress ink now. This is one of the new Christmas distress limited edition incredible mono here or my tambo adhesive then I'm going to be using the scallop sentiment punch from fiskars and last but certainly not least i am going to be using this stamp set from k andrew designs coffee and tea for you and me now again as i mentioned. This is for this super simple sunday challenge and i'm going to be using combining two of these mix-and-match phrases miss you and a latte and i'm going to be using that to make my card for my friend.

I will put a link to this if you're interested in this particular set of stamps. This is a really nice set of stamps and you are able to get it at the k Andrew designs website and.

I'll put a link for that in my blog post.

Let's get started on it now the first thing that I did is I cut this paper a little differently than you would normally cut it I actually cut it at five and a half inches by 11 inches and the reason why is because by folding it I'm going to turn it into a gift card holder.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to um let's see I think I want let's score it here at four and a quarter and then I'm going to scored again at eight and a half now. This is going to leave me a few inches on one side and that's perfect.

Basically when i'm done i will still have my four and a quarter by five and a half inch card.

Let me grab a different bone folder here set the scoreboard aside and we'll get this folded.

I'm going to score here or fold here at the four and a quarter and then we'll fold it back at eight and a half now I could just fold it this way and go with that but what I want to do is I actually want to turn it.

That the back the fold is on the front flap and I'm going to put my side my gift card in here and we will work with that in a few minutes but let's work on the front of the card first.

I cut to pieces of of my image the first one out I use white just something a scrap from my stash and I'm actually going to put that on the base now I know that doesn't match but we're going to have fun with that and then the second one I cut using the patterned paper now I only want the coffee cup itself for my pattern paper.

What I'm going to do is I am going to trim off the frame.

I'm just going to do that here and just kind of trim off the frame I also don't want my steam from the top of the car.

I'll trim that off and trim off the frame there and for now I may change this here but for now I'm just going to trim right there and then we'll come over here and kind of trim ther and turn it upside down trim here again once i get this adhered i may change it and n trim more off it'll just depend on how it looks.

Now i just have the coffee cup and i have gotten rid of everything else now the next thing i want to do is I want to do some distressing on this I wanted to make the little swirl here look like steam.

That's where my ice first distress inks going to come in and I am just going to ink that swirl now I'm not too worried if I get it on the coffee cup because the coffee cups not going to show anyway, because I will layer my pattern paper over the top of that.

I'm mostly concerned about making sure that I get the swirl or the steam without getting the frame because I don't want to get the frame because I'm going to do the same with the frame using the rusty hinge and again it doesn't matter if it gets into the coffee cup because that will all be covered anyway.

And i'm using my ranger craft mat here.

That i can clean it up in a bit and not have to worry about it.

That's all done there and now just before I get too far into the card and while I still have my inks out I want to do the same to my card front I just want to blend one some ink in there and just give it some nice just the soft edging.

That it will coordinate in. Okay, simple simple and now we're all done with that let me grab something and wipe off my mat here.

That I don't get that all over my card.

Now we're ready to start putting on card together.

I'm going to grab some goal a glue pen here and the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to layer my coffee cup to the frame and I'm just going to use my tambo smelly or the another runner to do that there aren't it really that many Oh guess I'm not i'll use my meat EG time to refill back there aren't really any small pieces in this.

I don't need at this point yet I don't need my glue pen but I will on another area of the card just tuck that back behind and the adhesive that I have coming out over the edge of the card that I don't want to show and I want to be sure and do that before I adhere it to the frame because I've learned the hard way once it's adhered it's more difficult to get that extra adhesive off of the image where you don't want it to be seen.

We'll do that right there and now we'll just lay up our cup and you know I don't believe that we are going to need any more trimming.

That's all good now when I'm layering this on top I actually am going to layer it near the top of the card because I want to save the bottom for my sentiment now this one I will need to use my glue pen um but before before I do that let's go ahead and move on to the insight i think i'm going to use this piece it coordinates but it's not the exact same and i think rather than skeleton well i'm going to go ahead and scallop the edge this one for some reason seems quite firm i haven't used it very often and.

The new punch maybe it just needs some more usana will probably help if I turned it upside down because just sturdy enough I don't know that I can turn it upside down successfully and let's see let's go about I think I'll cut about a half to three quarter inch piece maybe I'll cut a half-inch piece here not big just just just to give it a little bit of interest and again we'll use our atg to attach that down I want to go right along the edge because i don't want extra in there let's just line it up just like.

And we'll just trim this off right here and then I want to adhere it and I want to adhere it on either end here just like this and i think i'm going to go with two rows of tape just.

That my gift card will fit in there and not have quite as much room to slide around just like that and then my gift card will slide in right here i'll probably slide it in just like that.

But i'll set that aside and let's finish up the card.

Now the next thing I need to do is prepare my main image to the front and I as I mentioned I you'll want to use my glue or I could use quick dry um I don't really want to deal with quick dry right now but this will work really well. Okay, I'll just go around using this zig pin and just go around the edges with my box now you do want to move fairly quickly just not too quickly that you mess up that you need to move quickly enough that it doesn't start to dry and then I also want to go on my swirl here just lights up. Okay, Center this near the top as i mentioned before there we go now normally for my ribbon I would kind of slid in it and go across but that may interfere nope i think i will do it that way after all I was thinking it would interfere with my gift card but I have enough give where that gift cards going that I should be just fine before I do that though I want to go ahead and stamp my image.

Again i'm going to use the rut rusty hinge i'm going to eat ink up my image or my stamp really well where it says miss you a lot a. This is the first time i've used this particular snap and i'm going to come right center right about there just like.

On right there.

I'm just going to trim just a little bit right here just enough off that I can find my ribbon through I've been using this ribbon quite a bit this fall.

I'm almost out of it it's perfect for fall just run this across I think I'm going to actually bring the bow a little bit over to the side here right about there ok.

I'm back I'm got the boat I'd I will admit I cheated a little bit and did some glue to help glue down my ribbon a little bit but here's our card miss you a latte and I will be getting that to my friend just going to stick this little gift card in there we can't have coffee together but she can have coffee coffee and think of me.

Thanks for watching and have a great sunday.

I wanted to show you a quick variation of the card that i did and this time i use the latte matt stack and. This is also from die cuts with of you and it's full of blues and purples i bought it for the purples and greens those are mostly the colors in it the blues and the purples and the greens but it's a really nice matte stack.

I use that and I used the same coffee cup that i showed earlier again cut it four inches but this time I cut it out of a purple solid and then the cup itself I cut out of this little floral print I trimmed it just like I did earlier on the video and then I changed a stamp out instead of saying miss you a latte I put love you a latte on this time also I instead of tying a big bow I just tied one a little not bow I also corner rounded the edges because on the inside I did not put a place for a gift card that this i just added just to add some an extra punch of color to the inside of the of the card now the green paper is some green from a recollection stat from spice market and it's just some i had left over.

I also corner edge this piece here i'm just.

The corner would match and.

That it all coordinates and so. This is a variation of the earlier card and.

You can see how versatile the cricut cartridge is and how just a few simple changes of color can completely change your card and your layout and then how versatile the stamps are and how easy it was to go from the miss you alot a and the earlier one that I did to the love you a latte.

Thanks for watching and I hope you have a great day you.

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