Mista Corta and Bean Soup by Chef Hope Cohen

Hi I'm hope Cohen today we're in the Chen tow test kitchen and we'll be making miista kurta and bean soup it's a really great fresh soup using lots of vegetables I've got chickpeas and nice de corte different sizes of pasta.

It's a pasta and bean soup with vegetables the first thing that we're going to do to start the soup is we're going to start with some extra virgin olive oil and saute our vegetables.

We're going to build flavor in the soup starting with the onions the carrots and the celery a little bit of sliced garlic music abilene Oh garlic cloves that our whole that I've chopped up a little bit of crushed red pepper and we're going to saute the vegetables with some salt and pepper until they start to wilt and look translucent they've just cooked a little bit. This is going to make the base for the flavor of the soup and the sauteing of the vegetables caramelizes the vegetables and brings out the sugar and also adds flavor once the vegetables are going into the olive oil I'm going to also add the thyme leaves these are fresh thyme leaves which are also going to add a lot of flavor to the finish soup you could use dried thyme if you can't find fresh but most supermarkets have fresh herbs now that the vegetables are looking really nice and wilted and translucent we're going to add the tomatoes another base of flavor today I'm using low-sodium chicken stock.

Now I've got the vegetables the tomatoes the chicken broth our herbs I'm going to add our chickpeas. All right, everything's in the pot I'm going to add a bay leaf and a really good tip for people at home making a soup like. This is to take a piece of your parmesan cheese rind and put about a four-inch piece of the rind right into the pot and that's going to help the flavor of the soup take on that flavor of cheese which is really wonderful and then simmer this all together for about an hour. Okay, now that our soups been cooking for about an hour I'm going to add the precooked pasta. This is the mystic hora de that I partially cooked we're going to finish cooking in the soup which is going to allow the pasta to absorb the flavors of the soup but also help to thicken up the soup and let it finish cooking for another four or five minutes. Okay, our soup is prepared and we're ready to serve.

I'm going to show you exactly how i like to serve the soup in a ladle the soup into a bowl i'm going to take some basil to garnish the soup and I like to take fresh basil leaves and slice them in a really thin slice which is called a julienne and. This is a great tip for people at home a really easy way to slice up the basil you wind up with these really nice thin strands a fresh basil and that's called Julian.

Now I'm going to take some extra virgin olive oil and drizzle it on top of the soup we're going to take some grated Parmesan cheese and sprinkle that over the soup as well smells.

Good and then our Julianne basil for the final garnish and that is our Miss de corte and bean soup.

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