Mix Geometric Patterns

Hello guys. This is julia and i have the honor of being a guest designer at virginia's view yes the Virginia's view that was my erection tools like oh whatever.

After that you know calm down I started to create my cards and the topic is geometrical patterns no this doesn't look very geometrical I know. This is just watercolor cardstock that I've wet and now I'm smooshing out some watercolor to create a very light wash on top of the card and then adding a little bit more color for in for more intense sports and I'll be coming back after I've added my color with a very watery brush to smooth this out a little bit.

It looks a little bit more washed out and run on and I'll we're repeating this for the other two um two colors as well I know it's not very geometric just bear with me you'll see in a moment i'm using the fanciful feathers from wplus9 the dyes and I die cut the these shapes from the cardstock and now i'm using a fine liner. This is a copic multiliner simply to doodle a pattern onto this that is geometrical I look this up literally a googled what exact geometrical patterns are.

And then I looked at them and I was like hey I can do this myself I like to do then tiling and doodling in whatever.

Mix Geometric Patterns

I can try to do this myself of course it doesn't look completely perfect and symmetrical but hey it's handmade right and you can see that it's not difficult to create any patterns I just did some loops um then loops within loops and. This is just lame while my attempt at straight lines their most quickly than straight but you get the point right so. This is not difficult you can do this yourself and you know like nobody is going to grade you on how perfect it is just do whatever feels right to you you can see I'm adding some dots here simply for some accents now I'm just doing some crisscrossing lines here and then I'm drawing in another pattern you can see it's fairly easy simply repeating the same pattern over and over and if it doesn't look completely perfect that's completely. Okay, as well it's a card it's a fun thing here I'm doing something else I'm having the the circles and then I'm creating just patterns by putting more circles onto the feather and connecting them both a squiggly line no science to it no rhyme or reason simply doing whatever feels best then I thought you know what I need some real you know geometrical patterns I've grabbing the stencil from my favorite things and some white pigment ink and I'm smooshing this down onto brown cardstock because of course you know meet the dark cardstock for the white ink to show up or you need you know white ink to show up on the broad cardstock. This is how it looked like when I was done then I positioned my feathers feathers whether we're going to go and also my sentiment and I wanted to stamp the sentiment in white.

I placing this on my we r memory keepers letterpress that I'm using as a stamp positioner.

I can stem the sentiment into the very same spot multiple times and you can see it's absolutely perfect it's exactly in the right spot after this had dried I am using this tool here too just to punch a few holes into my card and then I'm putting some twine through this and you can see the end result I have this frame that I created with the twine I put foam tape on the back of my feathers by the way I've just put a bow on the inside of further for the twine I put some foam tape on the back side here of the feathers to thread among them and then i'm using my glossy accents with this wonderful fine tip applicator that a viewer from great britain has sent me Thank You Julie and it's working great and I can just squeeze out a tiny drop of glossy accents to put behind these pearls that I'm adhering it just for some additional accents and you can see you have a rectangle in there you have the background pattern and you have the pattern on the feathers I couldn't give you more geometric patterns on one card I really tried I hope you like the card leave me a comment if you have anything to say about this I love to hear from you and see you again soon bye.

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