Mobile Photo Printer Canon PIXMA iP100

Hey everyone today I'm going to unlock something right in front of your very eyes easy photo print software that comes included with canon pixma inkjet printers makes printing enhancing and editing photos easy fast and fun you see this. This is loaded with my favorite pictures from vacations parties and family events now I need to set these images free and print them in different amounts on different types of paper and of course in different sizes and layouts this software is.

Cool and easy to use that your days of driving to the store waiting on long lines at a kiosk or waiting even longer for some person in a lab coat to get around to printing your photos are over do it yourself at home and don't worry print 10 20 30 pictures at a time print as many as you want on photo paper up to eight and a half by 11 inches your canon pixma inkjet printer is more than up to the task and you'll love the results.

Let's see easy photo print in action you begin with a startup screen where all you have to do is click on the easy photo print button then the real fun begins with a menu screen that's easy as 123 1 pick your images and quantity just browse from your computer and pick and print as many as you like to pick your paper type and size do you want that bordered or borderless would you like that in four by six five by seven eight and a half by 11 or eight by ten it's your choice and three choose your layout now make sure the photo paper you want to use is loaded then you just click print and you're all set with easy photo print you can even print multiple pictures on one page if you want to oh and another great thing easy photo print also lets you crop images correct redeye smooth facial lines and skin you can even brighten and sharpen faces easy photo print makes printing your favorite photos fast fun and easy plus you can even download it from the Canon website now get going.

You can print your photos and have fun doing it that's all for now and remember to check out our other web tutorials to learn more about canon products and technology thanks I'll see you soon.

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