Moose Toys Shopkins Surprsie Blind Shopping Basket Opening - Ultra Rares!

Hey you guys it's Audrey and today I'm going to be opening up for more shopkins blind basket bags yeah blind baskets of course since they are in the shape of 5s baskets but anyway we found more shocked oh yeah there we go much better anyway woo opening up shopkins let's do this we've also got four more that maybe Otto could do on his channel so definitely go subscribe to Otto's channel wo subscribe to Otto's channel if you have not already cuz we'll probably be doing a shopkin video over there if you want to see that you should definitely subscribe anyway there we go wait there we go rip rip it you're off here we go I did all right there we go grab out our checklist basket there we go alright bring out the checklist a lot of you guys are saying in the comments below this this could be like like a shopping list I think I said that last time I don't know why but anyway boom we've got it let's see forget I thought kookie kookie kookie cookie was knocking off for a second oh wait that doesn't even make sense like I thought I didn't I was wondering why that was a name so alright we got this rainbow one rainbow rainbows rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbows rainbows rainbows rainbow bite cute and she is a common and let's see with our next one what's our next slide so next one guy who is that it looks like dairy so Dairy Dairy Dairy no well I want Milly shake see oh no that's sugar oh dude those are like sugar lumps oh my gosh I remember it flashback you guys flashback in kindergarten when you're making a clue out of sugar lumps and like this really good frosting tasting stuff I ate the whole thing in like five minutes like I loved that frosting stuff those strips are good anyway let's see let's see it's probably on No where is it we are you can't find you where are you I thought that's a donkey doughnut are you kidding me like seriously oh wow or you can eat right there we got sugar lump which is a ultra bear oh yeah awesome why did I just like anyway awesome we've already gotten an ultra rare on this video this video and this opening is already a success you guys hooray I don't and I don't even have that one either so that's pretty cool letter cake jealous doughnut I thought was donkey doughnut and then I got the new name for it um donkey doughnut and what was the other way let's see Oh kookie kookie and kookie cookie I thought was knock knocking knock knock you knock and donkey donut new names man new names all right first one set those back there you got this looks like shampoo looks like shampoo so I think I can find this one fast wait yeah I think I can find this one fast Oh oh wow I'm looking at the dairy are you kidding me that's silky that's bubble tubs you only available tubs oh we got champey which is a common and which one do we get which one do we get we got a green licorice one oh cool we got miss twist which is a another common okay on to number three so what I'm gonna do is I am going to open these both up and I'm gonna put them out but I'm not gonna look at the list yet and then I'll do that at the end oh there we go I'm doing it great yay all right rats I got another sparkly and I already know this is naki knock two ultra rares in one opening like seriously you guys that's awesome this is a kooky cookie or knocking off as I call it and then let's open up the other one it came with I was wondering if we were gonna get to we got this one which is Swiss Miss I don't know why I just looked up a list like seriously this means I don't know why I just looked at the list that was really weird random I just knew she looked familiar so I was so tempted one tempted to look at check lists I know it's really random things to say but still it's true I'm always tempted to look at lists kooky cookie but you know what's funny is I've gotten to cookie kooky cookies but I I've only gotten I've gotten the same one each time and there's a whole nother one you can get so it's kind of weird all right got lipstick nice we got lippy lips which is a rare which means since it's lipstick I didn't work I'm sorry darn it anyway let's open up our last one which looks like it would be a it's gonna be a watermelon I don't know why but I feel like yeah I think that might be a watermelon that's random Oh Darnell was so wrong it's another rainbow let's see which the rainbow bite but we got a different one which they are both comments cool we got two ultra rares and four four blind baskets that's pretty cool anyway I think that's pretty much it for this video you guys thank you guys so much for watching and bye bye
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