More Fun With The Fisher Price Crawl Around Car!

So. This is day two yesterday he tried the car for the first time now he's understanding how it works a bit more and he's having even more fun.

I'm going to show you what he's up to.

Today i want to show you a few more features now that he's pressing them if you seen the other video it was short on minute long he was impressing a lot of the buttons at the front on the dashboard.

You can see today he's much more interactive he's pressing the radio buttons too one two three four four song selections is it fun hey what do you think of your new car oh I'm pretty awful isn't it.

More Fun With The Fisher Price Crawl Around Car!

Today's not as interested in the shapes the shape activities on the side of the car I'm definitely more interested in the music the lights and coarser all the action is at the front of the car still loving the Sun or the horn whatever if you turn the wheel what will happened then wow we should try that honey.

There you go guys want to keep it under two minutes just a little update day two still loving the car and understanding more of how it works I definitely suggest you getting one of these if you're interested it's a really great price and definitely keeps your baby busy learning and playing for a long time to come take care bye.

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