Morning SKINCARE Routine - Summer Edition -

Hey guys! well today Here I am sitting before you barefaced and vulnerable because I'm going to take you through my morning skincare routine this can be slightly adjusted for the summer and. This is what I do every single morning don't worry. This is not going to be a fourteen step complicated ordeal it's going to be just the basics the basic steps and what you need for the best results and I got to tell you since I've been starting doing this whole multi-step thing the results in the difference are.

Great and.

Obvious and pretty much immediate it's almost I mean it's worth it it's worth all the extra time and everything.

I'm going to aim to break down every single step and the products you need and how they translate from the Asian cosmetics to Western cosmetics.

Morning SKINCARE Routine - Summer Edition -

That you can you know either use things that you already have or if there's something that you feel you may need and you want to add to your routine you can and you know exactly what to get.

Just a little background on my skin I tend towards the dry dehydrated side.

My skin tends to get dull quite easily anyway, let's just get to it my skincare routine starts every morning with a cup of hot lemon water. This is the best thing you can do for your body and your skin right after you wake up everyone should do this in the morning it is.

Good for you my first step is to rinse my face with water and only water in the morning my skin is clean cleansers are really something you should use as little as possible and only where necessary like for the removal of makeup the less you strip your skin the better next up is toner use the usual pH balancing one or an acid toner with a a chase or glycolic in Korean cosmetics you want anything with the words first treatment or first care or first anything for this step the purpose of the treatment here is to prepare the skin or open it up to better absorb all the good skincare to come there are a couple of ways you can do this I switch it up depending on what I feel I need that day and the product you could use a cotton pad to swipe the product over your face like I'm doing here I always use this method when applying an acid toner or you can directly dispense the product onto your fingers and Pat it onto your face until it's absorbed or you might have a toner mist which is what I'm loving these days in this case I have misha's the first treatment essence mist I got this as soon as I knew it existed Pat it into the skin until absorbed next serum I use skin suta khals ce4 ooh like in the morning total GameChanger in the summer it's particularly good as it is an antioxidant serum and the vitamin C strengthens your skin against the Sun I use 5 drops for face and neck and press it into my skin you should always allow a few minutes after applying serums to allow it to fully absorb into your skin while the serum is absorbing I like to apply my eye serum I only just started using eye serums and I love them look it's an extra step but.

Far I think it's worth it or maybe it's just that I love this one from amore Pacific.

Much it has a really cold metal ball applicator which feels.

Great on your eyes. This is perfection in the morning it wakes me up and is.

Soothing it really should be one pump for both eyes I just went a little crazy here I massage this around my eyes and circular motions I can do this forever then tap the product into the skin for full absorption in Korean Japanese or even French cosmetics this next step uses lotion which is basically a hydrating toner this step is also for products labeled essence which has become huge in skincare. This is usually a liquid that's full of great active ingredients I use hyaluronic acid here which makes this an invaluable step for me it's the only thing that will eliminate flakes if you are doing any retinol treatment or just seem to have patches on your skin that tend to flake up and makeup gets stuck on then soak some cotton pads with the liquid and then stick them on that area of your face for a little bit for me it's always that patch between the eyebrows and the areas under my eyes near the nose. This is the most effective way to deal with the flakiness when I'm using Japanese cotton pads here they are the best these come in layers.

You can separate them into thinner ones for purposes like this I will list all products in the description box below next is eye cream or eye gel. This is best when applied before your face moisturizers this next step uses emulsion or oil in the summer I will forego my moisturizer which usually comes after this step as a motion does the trick and is all I need also I usually use a hydrating sunscreen and tinted moisturizer the last step is always sunscreen you need at least 1/4 TSP each for the face and neck I like to press it into my skin if you are using sunscreen as a primer for makeup it is really important that you allow the sunscreen to sit and absorb for at least 3 minutes before you put anything on top of it don't forget the lips and we're done since adopting this multi-step regimen it's actually become a therapeutic ritual for me in the mornings to ease myself into the new day I hope you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and leave any questions you may have for me below subscribe if you want to see more and thanks.

Much for watching bye.

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